E-Commerce Mobile Development: Costs, Timing and Factors

E-Commerce mobile app development is worth-investing because the product is convenient and fast which is a source of enticement for the users. The development costs are influenced by many factors: the team's location, design's complexity, number of features and the technologies used.

SaaS development: security risks and practices

These are the three main cloud-computing service models. With them, you can deliver the servers, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence by the Internet. It gives you and your users the advantage in time. If you have wifi - you can get the apps, which is contrary to the on-premise...

Outsourcing E-Commerce development: outline and tips

Outsourcing means that you delegate some tasks to other people or companies. They can be just in another city or even other parts of the world. The only source of connection you’ll have - Internet. There are three types of tasks you can delegate: things you are not competent in...

Blockchain: the basic concepts and applications ideas

Blockchain is a system of computers that we use to share and store secured data. This data can be anything: a well-known bitcoin, personal documents or any other piece of information people decide to share. Blockchain can use smart contracts that accelerate the development of online business.

Our first experience at SapientPro (Part 1)

Three years of effort. 1095 days of intensive coding.  26280 hours of building SapientPro. Soon, it’s our birthday - on the 15th of March (and we love chocolate cake, but if you bring pizza - that’ll do as well!). So, we recall how it all began for us: all screw-ups...

Powerful mission statement for a business

The mission statement is the sentence, indicating purposes and reasons for developing your business. As staff and clients read it, they immediately grasp the concept of values, ethics, and fundamental goals of your company

E-Commerce Web Design: Basic Features and Trends

E-commerce website design trends are what differentiates and makes your products instantly visible.UI design uses colors, shapes, textures, and lines to arise the emotions of your brand concept needs. UX design is all about the experience. It sets the navigation, usability, and functioning of the website.

SaaS Product Development Guide for 2020

SaaS is a software distribution model like Google Apps, DropBox or Canva. It is cloud-based and works on the web. It has a subscription payment and constant providers' support. 

Best team chat apps for your company

The group chat app is an easy-to-reach meeting room. Workers can get there by unblocking the phone and clicking on the messenger icon. Top 5 Best Group Chat Software for the Workplace are Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts and Signal. 

8 Most Frequent Questions to SapientPro ReactJS Developers

We answer 8 most frequent questions about React. React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for interactive User Interface. According to StackOverflow 2018 surveys, it is the 3rd popular front-end framework.  The main functions are JSX, Virtual DOM, Components.

6 Powerful E-Commerce Trends in 2020

21st-century consumers shop mostly online than offline. With their behavior and expectations, customers subconsciously create new eCommerce trends. In 2020 the biggest trends will be Google Marketing, AR and VR, Social Media Commerce, Mobile Commerce, and Environmental Care.

Successful retail and E-Commerce management

Google has recently patented behavioral factor technology. It detects the time you spend on the page. The more time - the more relevant information. You can ignore the necessity to attract the user`s attention by good eCommerce management. In this case, get ready for the marketplace disrupting your ambitions, venue...

How to build a successful development team in 2020

Great team drives your business forward. Bad team drives you crazy. If you want to build a good one, you need to take care of your budget, time and adaptiveness so that no unexpected problems emerged. One by one, you`ll find people who are perfect for your specific project. Two...

The importance of implementing dynamic pricing strategy

Active promotion and regular product extension is not all you should focus on by far if you want to get the most out of your eCommerce resource. Ultimately, you should be able to timely react to ever changing market tendencies and adjust your prices accordingly.

Best Existing Tools to Build a Progressive Web App

Page loading speed, user-friendliness, design, comfortable and intuitive interface are the crucial factors that make the UX one of the most effort-intense aspects in global web development.

Best php frameworks for ecommerce: review for 2020

The first thing to consider while developing your business in the digital era is making it work online. The eCommerce is growing at a quick pace, providing business owners with numerous opportunities. Although, building a website for the e-commerce purposes is far from an easy task, as the online shoppers...

How to Build a Multi-Language eCommerce Store

With the development of common business tendencies and wide capabilities of selling goods abroad, many companies need to fill the site with content in different languages at once to satisfy the needs of all target users. In order to promote your site in several languages, you need to create a...

New Year’s celebration: Code sapiently, party like a pro.

Each year there is a special day when SapientPro IT guys close their laptops. They stop sending the “Android vs iPhone” memes to the chat. Their wives hide their computer mice and chargers.  SapientPro`s New Year party has come. It's time to let some steam off.


Everything is going online now, from communication to making business, working, and shopping. The advancement of technologies enables businesses to become faster, bigger, broaden abilities and attract more customers. The retail industry has been facing the outcomes of digitalization probably the most. Still, brick-and-mortar shops are having their benefits and...


Developing and launching a website is not where the work stops. Besides, you have to maintain it constantly and implement profound changes. As for the latter, sometimes you may need to do something more than a simple redesign, and that may be a switch from one CMS to another. If...