Remote team: a brief instruction of how to create and manage one

Remote is a new black today, in the times of crisis. Those industries that couldn’t bring their work to the Internet suffer from losses of income. If you are lucky enough, chances are — you already have a team of remote workers. Why does the remote team make you lucky...

How to design online shopping website?

People form first impressions after less than 1 second of using a website. “Enter — see the 2000s-styled-page, small fonts, and 15 uncombinable colors — leave the page — never come back”. Got any flashbacks? Second, they leave the page when it takes too much time to find something they...

Product pages to turn your visitors into the regular clients

 Coming across the landing page, they test: “Do I need this product? Can I afford it? Is it going to solve my problem? Will the purchase satisfy me?”. As soon as they answer “Yes” to these questions, will they go to the home page - to see if their conclusions...

COVID-crisis influence over the digital world

With implemented quarantine, the global economy will suffer because it forces all businesses to put their productivity on pause. The sheer sense of business existence is making money. If they stop producing goods or providing services, they stop making a profit. This makes them less able to pay taxes and...

Tools that help to enhance the communication of your remote teams

You do need special collaboration tools if you live in 2020. Why? To track productivity, automate mundane processes, like scheduling, and have good-quality communication solutions (calls, chats). These tools help you have personalized notifications, have the implemented time management solutions (or integrate with them) and divide working and personal environments.

Project Management Tools: Discipline your Startup!

For your startup, you’ll need automated project management tools. Why? To save yourself some time for more important things like looking for investors, developing new and better features and improved user experience. In other words, it is necessary to improve your effectiveness and the team’s focus on their work. These...

SaaS analytics tools: metrics and solutions

When you track the most important metrics, you will identify the negative tendencies. That is why clients’ reactions are essential. It is the light, helping you to go through the darkness without damaging your legs and the objects around. That’s why companies strive so much to gather reviews. However, people...

7 E-Commerce start-ups that rock in 2020

Time, convenience and sustainability - three main factors that influence your customer’s decision. We live in the era of globalization and consumerism where there are so many options that it’s a daunting task to make a choice. From a pair of jeans to furniture and cars - everything can sell...

How much does it costs to build an MVP for SaaS?

To begin your project successfully you don’t need to invest all money in the world, or wait for your product to be perfect, or expect the Moon to have the right phase. If Beatles were software developers, they would sing “All you need is MVP” because that’s the place to...

10 reasons to outsource SaaS development

SaaS development stands for Software-as-a-Service, or we can also call it cloud-based software. Theoretically, this can be anything if you have a broad target audience, willing to purchase the subscription. However, in most cases, it includes programs for enterprises and business companies. These are CRM, office software, communicational tools, and...

Our first experience at SapientPro. The Founders (Part 2)

SapientPro is a place where there are no bosses and a strict hierarchy. However, it all began somehow, right? We call them "the Founders" because they initiated the creation of the company. Their first days in the company, are the first days of the company.

E-Commerce Mobile Development: Costs, Timing and Factors

E-Commerce mobile app development is worth-investing because the product is convenient and fast which is a source of enticement for the users. The development costs are influenced by many factors: the team's location, design's complexity, number of features and the technologies used.

SaaS development: security risks and practices

These are the three main cloud-computing service models. With them, you can deliver the servers, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence by the Internet. It gives you and your users the advantage in time. If you have wifi - you can get the apps, which is contrary to the on-premise...

Outsourcing E-Commerce development: outline and tips

Outsourcing means that you delegate some tasks to other people or companies. They can be just in another city or even other parts of the world. The only source of connection you’ll have - Internet. There are three types of tasks you can delegate: things you are not competent in...

Blockchain: the basic concepts and applications ideas

Blockchain is a system of computers that we use to share and store secured data. This data can be anything: a well-known bitcoin, personal documents or any other piece of information people decide to share. Blockchain can use smart contracts that accelerate the development of online business.

Our first experience at SapientPro (Part 1)

Three years of effort. 1095 days of intensive coding.  26280 hours of building SapientPro. Soon, it’s our birthday - on the 15th of March (and we love chocolate cake, but if you bring pizza - that’ll do as well!). So, we recall how it all began for us: all screw-ups...

Powerful mission statement for a business

The mission statement is the sentence, indicating purposes and reasons for developing your business. As staff and clients read it, they immediately grasp the concept of values, ethics, and fundamental goals of your company

E-Commerce Web Design: Basic Features and Trends

E-commerce website design trends are what differentiates and makes your products instantly visible.UI design uses colors, shapes, textures, and lines to arise the emotions of your brand concept needs. UX design is all about the experience. It sets the navigation, usability, and functioning of the website.

SaaS Product Development Guide for 2020

SaaS is a software distribution model like Google Apps, DropBox or Canva. It is cloud-based and works on the web. It has a subscription payment and constant providers' support. 

Best team chat apps for your company

The group chat app is an easy-to-reach meeting room. Workers can get there by unblocking the phone and clicking on the messenger icon. Top 5 Best Group Chat Software for the Workplace are Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts and Signal.