How did the WP earn such a popularity in the global network?

The reasons are several, but to put it shortly, WP is easy to use, develop, deploy and maintain.

The advantages of WordPress

WordPress overcomes other platforms by being very comfortable and simple right out of the box. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional software engineer to build a website on WordPress. Many programmers start their IT career writing sites on this platform. The installation of any element is possible within just a couple of clicks. Even if you use WordPress admin dashboard for the first time, the chances that you will get lost in all its sections and buttons are extremely low.

Choosing WP for creating CMS website is considered a great idea and it has its grounds. Having biggest database of plugins and themes, it saves you time and effort.

WP sites in combination with plugin YOAST are easy in SEO optimization. It also has Woo Commerce plugin that may transform the website into full-featured e-commerce system.

The core of WP allows creating websites in combination with frontend frameworks as React, Angular, View etc. introducing Rest Full Api.

Statistics show that WP websites with own-created templates may be quite fast. However, you can choose from a wide range of ready-made fully customizable templates. Sometimes the site can impress you with sophisticated design and complicated features, so you may not even notice that it is powered by WordPress.

The other advantage of WordPress is that it is easy to find the solution to any problem occurring while working with the platform. The forums and chats are numerous, all you need to do is just to find the right advice from the experienced IT specialists.

The drawbacks & vulnerabilities

Searching the internet for hosting providers you may come across those that offer the availability of many features in just one click. Sure, this fast and comfortable usage is tempting but you’d better be careful with that.

The other problem may occur when you installed WP, set up the security levels, and moved on to the installation of external plugins . The pitfall is that they may be susceptible to malware and contain security problems. Remember, the setting up of random plugin is risky. You need to address the professionals who will check how secure it is.

In case you buy plugin as a software, you can receive service backup. A lot of users don’t know and don’t pay much attention to where the plugins were taken from. They could have had pirated software installed, which may lead to security troubles.

Solutions to increase WordPress security

About 100,000 cyber attacks occur every minute on WordPress sites. Such high figures show that using this platform can put your data at serious risk. The question arises “how can I protect my WordPress site?”

Our main advice is to use specific plugins that can repair the most popular problems, they regulate the backup system for the possibility to restore in case of losing a control. You can find a lot of such plugins on the Internet and for you not to get confused, we compiled five the most popular and reliable WordPress security plugins in our opinion, outlined their advantages and drawbacks.

Choosing a reliable hosting company is also important. By using a good website hosting you can not only increase your WordPress security but also considerably speed-up your site.

The best way to protect WordPress powered website from hackers is to follow our security tips:

How SapientPro makes sure that the customer’s website is secure

First of all, we setup daily backups to verify that all customers data is consistent. The next step is the development of numerous monitoring tools, which automatically send alerts in case of website attack. We are using special Apache / Nginx configs. They were set up by our DevOps team, using all our 10 years experience of working with WordPress.

These configs are made for several purposes:

  • to block any kind of access from open server ports;
  • to minimize WordPress plugins vulnerabilities;
  • to block file upload to WordPress folders;
  • to block any kind of suspicious script running;
  • to block vulnerabilities of forms.

Our customers can rely on our profound expertise in blocking any attempts to hack WordPress websites. We get security under control, so our clients can focus on growing their business without spending time on the website security issues.

Not all of these solutions may be understood and easy implemented if you are not an advanced user. In case you have any questions SapientPro will be glad to provide you with professional consultation. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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