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Become a professional software engineer with SapientPro! Join our list and immerse in the world of coding, creative work, and exciting encounters.

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Theoretical and practical learning

Full immersion into the life of 
a developer;


Strict syllabus with group-based lectures and practical tasks

Flexible syllabus with individual learning and real-life daily tasks;


3 months:

- 2 practical & theoretical sessions per week; - an opportunity to visit mentors daily and immerse in a real dev’s workload;

1 month:

- 8 hours a day; - full simulation of a developer’s workday with daily tasks; - meetings, brainstorming and more.

Our senior developers will be your mentors. Build a powerful project using your new knowledge & skills to join SapientPro’s team.

To Know


The world’s #1 technology

Ready-made solutions

Variety of libraries

Constant development


Versatile server-side tech

Vast ecosystem of modules

dApps, parsers, bots, etc.

Written on JavaScript


Industry-leading framework

Enormously huge ecosystem

Simple to adopt

Active development


Meet Your

Our senior developers will help you learn the ropes and master any technology.

young-bearded-man-with-white-t-shirtphotoAid-removed-background 1 (1).webp
Vlad Opaets

4 years of front-end & 3 years of back-end experience. Head of Node.js department who knows the tech inside-out. Keeps everything structured from cables on his desk to crystal-clear code. Chaos shall not pass!

young-bearded-man-with-white-t-shirtphotoAid-removed-background 1 (2).webp
Dmytro Kulyk

16 years of experience with everything.
 We believe he knows programming better than Google because it’s easier to name the tech he didn’t try out. Takes on any challenge and knows all the trends.

handsome-young-guy-with-glasses-posingphotoAid-removed-background 1 (1).webp
Ion Grytsku

8 years of experience with PHP.
 Former university teacher. Head of back-end development who sees the math in everything. Logical mastermind who can find a solution to any challenge.

young-bearded-man-with-white-t-shirtphotoAid-removed-background 1 (3).webp
Anatoliy Tsurkan

15 years of experience with PHP.
 Legends say his mentorship is a blessing in disguise: strict, yet prepares you for any challenge. He learns any tech in a month and he’ll show you how it’s done.

handsome-young-guy-with-glasses-posingphotoAid-removed-background 1 (2).webp
Mykola Holovach

10+ years of experience with PHP.
 Expert in Laravel & Codelgniter, advanced security, relational databases, API development for accessible communication, and top-tier performer.

handsome-young-guy-with-glasses-posingphotoAid-removed-background 1 (3).webp
Andriy Unhurian

4+ years of experience with PHP. Senior developer who solved various tasks from simple dashboards to complex systems with 100+ servers. Knows how to ask and answer the right questions.

handsome-young-guy-with-glasses-posingphotoAid-removed-background 1 (4).webp
Bohdan Dvorianov

5+ years of experience with React.
 Head of front-end development, true geek and ambassador of front-end in Chernivtsi. Master of brevity in coding and communication.

handsome-young-guy-with-glasses-posingphotoAid-removed-background 1 (5).webp
Max Stupnitskyi

6+ years of experience with WebUI.
 Knows how to layout astonishing designs of any complexity to make a top-tier product. Expert in time management and organization.

Learners Who

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (31).webp

    Vadym Toporovskyi

    Node.js internship

    "I worked closely with a mentor who gave me tasks within a small project to hone my skills in fundamental technologies essential for the company's projects. After the academy, I transitioned into a real project and received ongoing mentorship & guidance."

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (32).webp

    Mykola Yavetskyi

    PHP Academy

    "There was a lot of practice and self-study tasks. We were taught communication skills to present our work, debate, and discuss various topics effectively. I had an unforgettable experience and advise you to join the next academies."

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (33).webp

    Evhenii Radomskyi

    PHP Internship

    "The company taught us to rationally distribute tasks and use time-management software. I was also taught to write clean and efficient code in the Laravel framework and to use ElasticSearch to build powerful search functions."

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (34).webp

    Oleksii Vakhniuk

    PHP Academy

    "We studied new development technologies and solved complex challenges, which increased my confidence in my skills. After successfully completing the academy, I received a job offer. This is the best reflection of the academy’s value for my career."

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (35).webp

    Vadym Matsotskyi

    PHP Academy

    "The theoretical lessons were interesting an well-structured, combined with practical assignments. I developed a pet project under my mentor’s control. The mentor’s support boosted my knowledge and experience, helping me receive a job offer."

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (36).webp

    Petro Kutuzov

    React internship

    "I learned while working on real projects. My mentor helped me navigate the workflow and enrich my skills in React development. The team at Sapient Pro was friendly and cooperative, always ready to help and support."

  • Fixed-aspect-ratio-spacer (37).webp

    Maksym Korolov

    Node.js internship

    "I worked with a mentor who explained everything in a clear way, analyzed my code, gave useful advice and interesting tasks, and answered my questions. This is a great opportunity for professional growth."