during the war as of 2023


CHAPTER #1 Donations and Support in 2022-23

Supporting the Ukrainian military is crucial to help our soldiers save the lives of their comrades and civilians, prevent enemy attacks and bring us closer to victory. That’s why we did everything possible to find, purchase, and deliver vital supplies to the front line:

● Binoculars
● Uninterruptible power supply units and charging stations
● Thermal clothing
● Thermal imagers
● Tablets and cases
● Walkie-talkies and batteries
● Drones and batteries
● Medical supplies (bandages, gelofusine, tourniquets, etc)
● A reserve cable for Starlink, and more

We launched fundraisers on our Instagram page, where our employees and followers helped raise money for the necessary items. Many members of our team also gathered funds individually to support the divisions of their friends. Additionally, our team regularly donates blood to help our wounded soldiers.  Overall, our donations were:

● €300,000+ from SapientPro
● €15,350+ from our Instagram fundraising campaigns

We are grateful to everyone who keeps supporting Ukraine and helping us purchase vital supplies for our soldiers. Special thanks to the people who help us deliver ammunition from foreign countries. Many of these supplies wouldn’t have reached their destinations without you.


CHAPTER #2 How can you help?

Here is how you can help Ukraine:

Visit our Instagram page to find ongoing fundraising campaigns and support them
Donate directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine via the central bank’s website
We know that many people help our refugees abroad and fight russian propaganda. Here are some reliable information sources that publish true information about Ukraine and tackle fake news:

The Kyiv Independent
Ukrainska Pravda
Suspline News
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
We are united as ever before, encouraged to help more and more each day. The enemy wants to scare us but all they do is fire us up, making us fight harder and fiercer for our freedom.

The support must go on.

Together to victory! 


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SAPIENTPROOur Support for Ukraine During 2023-24

It’s been almost two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, igniting the largest war in Europe since WW2 and forcing millions of civilians to leave their homes. The battle for freedom is ongoing and SapientPro’s team is doing everything possible to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

SAPIENTPROThe Importance of Supporting Ukraine From Other Countries

Ukrainians will never forget the morning of February 24. Some of us woke up to the sound of sirens, others to the sound of bombs, and many to the news of a full-scale Russian war reported from the TVs and phone calls. As a matter of fact, Russia’s war against Ukraine began eight years ago, but only on that unfortunate morning of February, it went full-scale. At the time of writing this article, Ukraine is on its 12th day of resistance against Russia. The Russian army has been committing numerous war crimes: shelling and bombarding civilian buildings, hospitals, and schools, shooting families and children, firing at humanitarian corridors. An unprovoked war by Russia is a crime in and of itself. But even throughout this bloody war, Russians break all war rules. Enemy forces believe they have the freedom to do literally anything cruel and immoral. So under such circumstances, Ukraine needs help not only from Ukrainian citizens, who are actively volunteering and donating, but also from the international community. The entire world can make a real difference in this war and help overcome the evil forces of Russia. Here are some ways:


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SAPIENTPROSapientPro: Accomplishments from 2021 and Aspirations for 2022

2021 was a year full of achievements for our company. We applied some administrative changes, made a greater focus on skill development and talent education, started using new tech, completed four rounds of vaccinations, and more. This post includes a complete summary of 2021 and our plans for 2022.


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SapientPro is not about work only. It’s about the people who do this work.Each year there is a special day when SapientPro IT guys close their laptops. They stop sending the “Android vs iPhone” memes to the chat. Their wives hide their computer mice and chargers. SapientPro`s New Year party has come. It’s time to let some steam off. The restaurant Monopoli warmly welcomed us on the 27th of December. The party once more highlighted that our team is growing every year. We held the first corporate party in 2017. It was in a small apartment with only 5 workers, great ambitions, and self-made bbq. Today we are a team of 40 specialists. The ambitions are multiplied by 5, and the bbq made for us. Many glasses were raised to celebrate the enlargement of our close-knit IT-family. We arranged the Secret Santa and a special contest, so the party lasted till 2 AM. Even then we didn’t want to stop.


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Being like a water, seeing through the time.By now I can realize how far it went in managing everyday situations, risks, people and all kind of working moments as well as cultural differences and people’s moods. If you ask me what management is about, I will hesitate and hardly will be able to give a clear answer. The word “management” has evolved through many years from the period I have graduated, worked at big companies and established own business.


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Communication is a key factor on the stage of discussion of the project details as well as during the actual implementation of the project. Software development is a complicated process that hangs on the various factors. Very often, especially on the early stages, our clients wonder about the main steps we take for the successful implementation of the project. In SapientPro, backed by our experience, we follow 3 major principles:


Hello everybody, we have recently built a broadcast application for our US partners who participated in Web Summit and got few funding proposals from Venture Capitals. It was 30 days of extreme coding from the proof of concept till the complete application.


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