First of all, education

People strongly believe that being well-educated is the keystone of their success in life. Ukraine can boast about its wide variety of educational institutions and, what is more important, the youth’s willingness to study and their craving for self-development. The quality of higher education in the country is undeniable – Ukrainian specialists are wanted in many spheres of social and business life around the globe.

So, the education became a kind of a national sport for Ukrainians.  The overwhelming majority of citizens have completed higher education, and 57% of IT specialists hold STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees. Therefore, the chance to find a qualitative, even novice programmer, in Ukraine will always be higher, than in many other IT-developed countries.

Only a few graduates of higher educational institutions can start performing the direct responsibilities entrusted to the profession of developer, tester, or system administrator without the additional preparation. Capable graduates – as a rule, are not those who have mastered the curriculum well, they are people, who have expressed desire and found the opportunity for self-education. 

Personality before anything else

If a customer wants to find a development company they can work comfortably with, the staff becomes a really important point to encounter for making a choice. Who we really are defines what we can do. Ukrainians are open-minded, have their own opinion and passion to develop themselves. Ukraine is relatively young independent state, and its bright new generation is open to new ideas, they show the initiative. Among the IT companies of the country, the tendency towards increasing complexity of IT projects is being tracked. This entails continuous professional development.

Communication is vital in any business. The ability to find the necessary bonds of understanding is being highly appreciated and that’s where Ukrainian IT specialists do really well. Their flexibility concerns the readiness to take up tasks of diverse complexity. The other contributing factor is developers’ proficiency in English.

Location also matters

The geographic location of the country is also attractive, both in terms of business travel and natural / climate factors. In Ukraine, there are no natural disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, and tsunamis that can become a hindrance to business processes for a long time. The state’s location in central Europe is one more ace in the hole. Just a two-hour flight and customers can discuss business matters in person.

 The other aspect that the customer pays attention to is the Ukraine’s location in the close to clients from EU countries time zone. Time zone of the state is GMT + 2. This is very convenient for Europe, because working hours are pretty much the same, and even customer companies from the US or Canada find this time more attractive, compared with Russia, China or India, where the time zone divergence is more weighty.

Cost is lower, quality – higher

Having a very strong professional foundation, with a great accommodation of tech talents, the price ranks are far way more pleasant in comparison with other countries. The average Ukrainian rate will be of $22-40 per hour. It is 3 to 4 times lower compared to any software development company in the UK, the USA, etc. Although, these rates appear to be somewhat higher than in plenty of other popular IT outsourcing countries, especially Asian. But there’s always a but. While Asian countries have many days-off due to their religious or ethnic group holidays, Ukrainian workers have only 11 paid holidays. This figure is even lower, than other European countries show, where employees have from 13 to 19 official days-off.

Skill diversity

Ukraine has a really big number of IT specialists, who show proficiency in rich diversity of technologies and programming languages.  The companies provide a full range of software services, freeing from problems with the solution of such tasks as software development, web and mobile development, quality assurance and testing, business process outsourcing, dedicated team outsourcing, research and development services, IT consulting and IT security management.

App developers in Ukraine have worked on projects for Intel, Siemens, IBM, HP, Google, Philips, etc. They have competence in Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python and other widespread technologies. Several IT outsourcing companies originating in Ukraine grew into technology giants with offices worldwide. Among these companies are Ciklum, DataArt, Infopulse, Lohika, Miratech and SoftServe.

International recognition

Currently, there are more than 1000 IT-companies providing outsourcing services in Ukraine, with each year the IT-market of Ukraine is growing by at least 20%. Most orders come from English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. The International Association of IAOP has published the Top 100 Best Outsourcing Companies – The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100. This ranking is represented by 18 companies with offices in Ukraine. 2017 – Global Outsourcing Association named Ukraine the Offshoring Destination of the Year due to its prosperous IT climate and favorable price-to-quality ratio.

Our company is applying much effort to deliver the product of the highest quality and make the customers satisfied with the result of our cooperation. This drive was recognized by the independent rating platform Clutch. We were awarded as one of the top B2B companies in Ukraine.

All in all, considering all the peculiarities of IT outsourcing market, engaging talent from Ukraine is a smart solution. The country is gaining importance on the global arena at a tremendously fast pace. The huge pool of talents, convenient geographical position, European mentality, first-rate education and high proficiency – these are the constituents of the successful and powerful IT-outsourcing state.

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