The basic outline of Symfony’s pros and cons

Another top-notch cross-platform PHP framework, that is especially good for large project development. So, if you want complex features for a long-term basis – don’t hesitate, Symfony fits the purpose just right. It provides multi-user and multi-language content, text search, and interface patterns. It works with a good ol’ Model-View-Controller and allows numerous plugins for any additional task. With such great popularity, the framework has strong community support and is backed up with constant updates. Symfony’s features for best-practice products include: 

  • Object-relational layers of Doctrine allow describing each model and function;
  • Dependency Injection makes classes co-dependent, and allows making fewer changes; this reduces redundant coding;
  • Unit testing with PHPUnit allows faster bugs check;
  • Twig allows using HTML templates for time- and code-efficiency;
  • E-Mail library Swift Mailer improves email sending, integrating safety practices, authorization, and attachments;
  • Scaffolding and database support: Drizzle, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Sybase;
  • Automated data migration;
  • Bundles – like plugins, only better because they can be reused in multiple applications. They allow fast code changing. 

However, everything has its price, and so Symfony is somewhat challenging to learn when comparing to other frameworks. It often relies on additional technologies at its core. No matter how great it is already designed and performing, Symfony lacks important features. The complexity in entering the market results in fewer devs, as they will have to spend more time learning, and time is money in our world. Few devs = more time to find them for a project. It creates a necessity to invest in the bringing up of new coders, and bigger financial expenditure for those few you’ve already hired. Also, the documentation lacks explanations occasionally, especially when it comes to the outline of bundles by its creators. 

SapientPro is lucky enough to work with developers successfully coding in Symfony. They are not afraid of any learning curve and, in fact, they “straighten” it, being able to explain the hard-to-grasp information even for those who don’t have a full understanding of IT. Challenges fasten skills, and with each new Symfony project, we understand how important creativity is, and how well it helps to overcome documentation fallacies.

Symfony is truly magical, and if you don’t believe – here are several successful companies that have used its spells. 

Top projects built on Symfony


This is a shared mobility platform, that contributes to efficiency in time, spendings, and resources. In simple words, it helps you to commute and drivers to earn spare money. BlaBlaCar uses Symfony for the website’s backend and backoffice. When you need to get from A to B, it works the following way

  • Look for people who drive to your destination on the platform;
  • Choose those drivers who offer the price affordable and the time convenient to you;
  • Book the place in the car;
  • Get driver’s contacts;
  • Meet, ride, pay;
  • Get to your destination;
  • Evaluate the trip.

Sounds pretty easy, and it must be so as the simpler the commuting arranging process, the bigger the userbase. However, to perform such simple steps, BlaBlaCar app needs to operate with the database smoothly, and MySQL is their solution for that. It is especially important here because:

  • the app is popular, especially in Europe;
  • it contains 60 million users and 9 million drivers; 
  • it needs to update trips status immediately;
  • it must exchange the info between users and drivers;
  • it allows scoring and rating formation. 


With 75 million active users and 600 thousand requests per second, Spotify manages all this traffic with flying colors. Music for everyone is a pretty daunting task, requiring a powerful platform to work smoothly for all multiple users and with all units of music. Spotify is available on all platforms: tablets, computers, mobiles, and TVs. Users can download the songs, and listen to them even when there’s no Internet connection. 

Spotify has created a platform for developers where they teach them how to integrate SpotifyApp into other apps. They willingly share their experience and allow other projects to use their APIs, SDKs, and other developer tools. That’s some kind of input into powerful community support. Overall, Symfony assisted here in creating a highly customizable platform, flexible for adjustments, and fitting perfectly its target audience needs. 


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When there are more than 20 million beholders, you need to produce a product of great quality. High fashion requires a powerful platform to display it. This way, the French and Dutch websites of this famous magazine chose Symfony to bring the fine taste online. It is a combination of a lifestyle lookbook and a blog that altogether serves as a digital substitution of a paper version of Vogue. However, you can store magazines on your shelves, and here Symfony creates these database “shelves” on the websites. All of that for millions of monthly readers. 


To make every study hour count, Course Hero made every developing hour effective with Symfony. This is an eLearning platform for course delivery. To enhance the acquisition of knowledge they needed to optimize timetable and task management tools, email sending process, and the database of courses and users’ performance. Also, it allows filtering by subjects and Universities. Course Hero is available on various platforms – smartphones, tablets, and computers. The website also utilizes virtual classrooms and forums. With 7 million page views per day, the learning tool perfectly organizes the work of all users. 


A platform for news and insights delivery about procurement. It is a blog of high capacity, and you can immerse yourself in it even more by logging in. Procurious also contains a platform with online classes, webinars, and podcasts. Here you can also find out about the most topical events, and even schedule them in your calendar, which is also available on the website. Here, you have an opportunity to discuss the news and share your newly attained knowledge on the discussion page. Also, it has a SaaS model of delivery, so you can use a free plan at first, however, later you pay for what you consume. This creates a necessity of implementing a complex payment system along with the database and above-described features maintenance.

Play your PHP Symfony

There’s no accounting for taste, and it is also true for PHP frameworks. It’s like with music. You may enjoy Kendrick Lamar on your way to work. Your co-developer listens to 80’s hits and your PM secretly sings along with Taylor Swift. Each style of music is different. Each separate song is unique, and it’s up to the composers which set of notes they’d implement to make the listeners either set the song for an alarm clock and hate for the rest of the life or dream of hearing it on a live concert. 

So, when talking about frameworks – it’s also a matter of taste. Laravel, Phalcon, Yii2 – choose what’s best for your product like you would choose music for a rave or for your parents’ birthday. And all these analogies with music are leading us to Symfony – one of the best and complex PHP frameworks – that really positions itself as a powerful orchestra, if there were any in the programming world. It enables the creation of complex and elaborated web apps, although the learning curve is higher here and you will put more effort into getting to the grips with it. However, it’s always harder to rule the symphonic orchestra than strumming few accords on the guitar while hanging out with friends. 

We choose to work with grand things. We choose Symfony.

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Building websites for special purposes and services is difficult. You have to keep up with modern challenges as well as fight for the speed, performance, and security of the software you develop. To achieve this web developers often use frameworks to deal with tasks faster and more effortlessly. Since most of the websites, web services, and applications are built using PHP it is important to be aware of all novelties regarding frameworks for PHP developers. One of the most useful and popular frameworks for PHP programming languages is Laravel. This open-source framework is used for a vast majority of middle-sized PHP-based projects nowadays. But why is it that popular? Due to many things, actually.

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If you are to run some kind of profitable or non-profitable project you have to raise money for it. In commerce it is called investment. There have always been many ways to receive financial support for your business. However, modernity has brought new instruments into this.


Scientia potentia est – knowledge is power. This ancient saying has been gaining importance throughout the ages. In the age of Information, when all the major human activities are transferred into the Internet and websites seem to be the main platforms for interaction between people and businesses, data analysis is crucial. Nowadays web-scraping as a web data analysis method is widely used by salesmen, politicians, news agencies, gambling lovers, and anyone who is informed about its benefits.


Today neither students, nor teachers and professors can imagine their daily routine without online studying due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Dozens or even hundreds of online services are being used daily by both scholars and education staff. However, it is not the pandemic we should give all the credit for online education to exist. Alternative ways of studying appeared as early as the XIX century. Advanced tech such as steam engines and the railway assured faster and more reliable correspondence delivery, thus making remote education possible. The very next important step towards online learning was made in the XX century with computers and the Internet being invented. In 1989 the University of Phoenix became the first institution to launch a fully online collegiate institution providing both bachelors and masters degrees. A few years later in 1994 the International University (Missouri) became the first fully online-based higher educational institution. Nowadays all major universities use online platforms to provide education services to their students. And again: it all has started even before the pandemic. Educational institutions used numerous platforms as secondary or even major tools in their work. The most advanced universities paid great attention to elearning platforms development. They used online platforms as a single place, where students could send their homeworks and get all the necessary materials to cram for their exams.

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Everything is going online now, from communication to making business, working, and shopping. The advancement of technologies enables businesses to become faster, bigger, broaden abilities and attract more customers. The retail industry has been facing the outcomes of digitalization probably the most. Still, brick-and-mortar shops are having their benefits and people use them more than e-commerce websites. The other side of this issue is an extremely tough competition. To get more clients, businesses have to adjust to the changing consumer habits and for that purpose use the advantages of digital technology. However, the good news is coming – there is the solution and it is the digital transformation in the retail and consumer industry. Yet, it may turn out to be a real challenge, in this article SapientPro development team has outlined the key points you need to know if you want to put your business to a higher level.


Implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence may become your best solution to improve user experience.The pace at which the e-commerce industry is growing and enlarging nowadays is immense, as well as the people’s expectations. By 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to reach 17.5 percent of all retail sales worldwide. What else can be done to improve user experience and make online purchasing easier? Alongside with e-commerce, various technologies are evolving to meet the customers’ needs. Such terms as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or chatbots are heard almost everywhere now. While some people express their concerns that AI will run the world soon and leave the people unemployed, more and more eCommerce business owners choose to implement new technology and reap benefits of it. Together with advantages, the eCommerce brings to customers, there are still some drawbacks and issues occurring while shopping online.


Keep your website free from clutter. In most cases, it is better when it is simpler.Imagine you have two options: going to a brick-and-mortar store and spend there hours waiting in long queues or staying in your cozy home and order everything you need in just a couple of clicks. Most people would definitely go for the first one. This being one of the most significant factors why the eCommerce industry is growing so rapidly. Sure, having an e-commerce website is a plus to your business, but you should never forget about the complexity and many efforts you have to apply. Here the question arises: is it really worth it? Our answer is definitely yes! In this article, our e-commerce development team will tell you exactly what you need to know before starting building an e-store from scratch.


Marketplaces provide then buyers with the opportunity to find everything they need in one place instead of time-consuming surfing numerous websites.With such an immense grow of e-commerce retail, investing in this industry is likely to become one of your best decisions. Every Year the e-commerce market is increasing by around 17% and now marketplaces account for nearly half of global online sales. The same as small shops are giving way to large malls, online customers tend to choose marketplace platforms over single-brand e-shops. Why not jump at a chance then and create your own marketplace website? This way you will provide your buyers with the opportunity to find everything they need in one place instead of time-consuming surfing numerous websites. In this article, SapientPro e-commerce team gathered what is important for you to know before building a marketplace website.


Without a payment gateway, you can develop an e-commerce business only if it is non-profit.Buying all you need at any time without leaving your cozy home has recently transformed from sensational news into an everyday routine. You could hardly find a person who has never tried online shopping. Although it is fast and convenient, there is one factor that makes the people abandon their virtual carts in the process of buying in e-stores – transaction security. Want your customers’ checkout go as smoothly as possible? Take care of secured and easy-to-use payment gateway for your e-commerce business!


Can you imagine living in a house without a lock in the front door? I’m sure you don’t really like this idea as everyone wants to feel safe at home. And if we talk of the online world, the reasons to lock the website are stronger, as the risks of someone getting into your site grow higher. The question of WordPress websites security is of the greatest importance. Why? Being the most popular website platform, WordPress became a great target for hacker attacks and malicious infections. So, if you care about safety, choosing a good security plugin must be among your priorities. The majority of problems with WordPress are connected with unsafe plugins. Note the important point that if you buy the license, the chance your site is secured would be higher. You can find a lot of such plugins on the Internet and for you not to get confused, we compiled five the most popular and reliable alternatives in our opinion, outlined their advantages and drawbacks.


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