People Management or Project Management?

I still cannot find what is more difficult and sophisticated for me, it is either People Management or Project Management. Both terms are applicable and vital to get to the point of successful and outstanding result. The project cannot exist without the right people and the right people must have a good project. This is where things become interesting. In my practice any unwanted, boring, surviving project demotivates and destroys great professionals.

Theoretically, we all know what agile, deadline, communication mean, but what is really out there that makes the company work the best and reach the great result so fast? I believe it is a soul, dedication and love for everybody and everything involved in the process. In our everyday management routine we have emotions, eagerness, love and hate for many subjects. We argue, we compromise, we brainstorm and we have to live with that. Today your opinion lost, tomorrow it is implemented.

Horizontal approach

I believe that people management comes as the most difficult part of the absolute best company. At the end of the day it is your staff that sums up for the well-skilled manager. One cannot become a good manager if people are not reliable and vice versa. Nowadays, professionals are so well educated, they value, respect own capabilities, skills that approaching them vertically will squeeze them down and destroy any potential. While flatteries, giving people the possibility to express themselves, take a step ahead, make decisions and cope with the challenges result in highly accumulative creativity.

This approach doesn’t only make good middle management but gives each company great confidence in having the outlined management structure and what is more important – trust in its human resource. Therefore if you ask me how we do it, I cannot answer. We are just part of every single process, people need us and we need people, they manage us and we manage them.

Team spirit

And working as a team, realizing that it is all done for one single reason to bring the company to the top level is a key factor in creating the feeling of right management. Choosing the right direction for the people and being a leader by showing that you can play a different role in the chain is what makes people realize how far they may also go.

About the bureaucracy which we try to avoid as much as we can. I cannot say that it is the right or wrong approach to choose but we chose it. We feel like that, we don’t delegate things but do them ourselves, and all company acts the same. It has become a cultural phenomenon, hard but very attractive, same as you go to exercise hard, strive and exhaust but feel happy about an astonishing result at the end.

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