09 Oct 2019
Oksana, copywriter
Having penetrated every sphere of life, digitalization has the biggest impact on the younger generation.
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How much time does it take for a teacher to check class attendance? Usually it happens like that: students raise their hands or answer “Present!” when a teacher calls their name, after that the registers have to be filled in, as well as the reports about attendance. It is a time-consuming process especially when there are many students in the classroom.

There is a solution – Dutch startup Klokhet for the fast, convenient and techy recording of students’ attendance. Having penetrated every sphere of life, digitalization has the biggest impact on the younger generation. Why not to use this for a useful purpose and implement modern technology in schools and universities? Klokhet did it as a mobile app that uses a QR code scanner to check in the students who come to the class.

Not only time and effort economy stand behind the need for such an approach to students’ attendance control. There is another, social ground. The Netherlands accepts many immigrants and refugees from other countries each year. Dutch government strives to make the immigrants integrate with the local citizens and culture. The country’s authorities give support and allocate money to newcomers.

However, to avoid deportation, immigrants must pass an exam that evaluates various aspects of their integration. They are obliged to study the Dutch language and attend social classes to get knowledge about the society they are moving to. The problem occurs in the fact that people who want to live in the Netherlands are diligent, some of them may sign up for classes but don’t attend them.

The useful features of the app are several – easy identification is one of them. When the app recognizes QR code it loads a student’s profile. If the person, showing the QR is a student in the photo – a teacher can check him in.

What is more, the app has access to the geolocation of the teacher. If the distance limitation is on, It restricts the usage of the application to only one geolocation. In such a way it is impossible to check in and check out from home or any other place besides school.

Klokhet also makes life easier for school administration. The system automatically generates reports that include the number of attended hours, the lists of those who skip classes, the percentage of attendance. All these figures help to determine responsible and irresponsible students, who tend to skip a lot of lessons.

SapientPro team evaluated the idea of startup and we did a great job to develop the app. Now the Dutch schools may use the advantages of it. So if you have any ideas for your project – don’t hesitate to contact us and receive professional help or advice.

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