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26 May 2020
Kate, copywriter
Knowledge and experience are the best assets now. Let’s share it with the world together.
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Global education, distant classes, and eLearning: the future is here!

“I know that I know nothing,” said Socrate once upon the Antique times. Could he know back then that the knowledge will be available in two clicks? Could he imagine that to communicate with some sages you don’t necessarily have to see them? Could he assume that the knowledge will be so spread that the problem will be not about how to attain it, but how to choose the information that is not fake?

In the 21st century, learning has become not just a must-have if you want to get a job. It has become a way of living. It has become a way of representing your identity. Just as you choose clothes that would show your personality best, you choose courses that will help you to become more of yourself. There’s always something you know, but there’s more you don’t know. When we hire people to work in SapientPro, the most important criterion is the motivation to learn — a new technology, a language, a communication strategy, or simply how to use a blender! That’s why eLearning has always had a special place in our minds and that’s why we pay special attention to it as one of the industries we work on. In 2020 we’ve witnessed how it’s important to have plan B of how to bring offline processes into the online world. Here eLearning has become a lifeboat of worldwide education. Right now there are so many eLearning solutions, and we want you to get to know some of them. Perhaps, the features they’ve implemented will become a source of inspiration for your platform. If you’ll want to build one, contact SapientPro and we’ll add something valuable to the education of the future together!


Amboss targets medicine and provides future doctors with a powerful platform to structure their knowledge and take into consideration all details that may matter while making a diagnosis. It consists of such elements as Library, QBank sessions, and Statistics. In the Library, you can find all relevant information about the topic of your study. Amboss provides you with various infographics, photos, x-rays, videos, and roadmaps devoted to different pathologies and organs. After learning the info, you can have a QBank session that will check if you’ve understood everything correctly, There are different types of tasks, however, they are more elaborate than the usual multiple-choice-like. With the highlight icon, you can see the keywords in the task text that are especially important for making a diagnosis. There is also an attending physician tool, providing you additional relevant information, without giving out the answer. Whatever you choose – the correct or incorrect option – there always will be an explanation or why it is right or wrong.

What makes Amboss special, is that it provides only the most recent data and research findings. The thing is that many general practitioners and surgeons worldwide make amends and add additional info to the materials, tasks, and explanations. After you finish, the results of your QBank sessions go to the Statistics section. There you will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses. The system will offer the steps to take if you want to improve the results. 


Learning how to speak a foreign language, you find an alternative way of viewing the world. In fact, they say you possess different characteristics when speaking in different languages. You may feel highly confident in English and charismatic in Spanish and so on. Duolingo is exactly the eLearning app that can help you to immerse yourself in the new culture. It has such popular languages as Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese, as well as the rare ones like Welsh. What makes Duolingo special among other apps is that they even offer such artificially constructed language as Esperanto as well as languages from popular movies and books – High Valyrian and Klingon. 

Before coming to learning, Duolingo asks you “Why are you here?” For traveling or school? Or maybe you need it for your job? Or perhaps you just want to train your brain a little. This choice will influence the vocabulary stack in the future. Then you choose the daily goal: CASUAL (5 min/day), REGULAR (10 min/day), SERIOUS (15 min/day), and INTENSE (20 min/day). Duolingo creates a logical learning path, beginning with the easiest topics and ending with the hardest. Basically, you study by answering the questions and completing tasks. During the first attempts, you have hints and are allowed to make as many mistakes as you need. During the last attempt, you can make 3 mistakes only. Duolingo allows you to have a PLACING TEST indicating your level of language acquisition. If you just want to improve the existing skills, there will be no need to begin with “Hello, my name is…” The system will automatically direct you to more difficult topics. Overall, the app teaches you languages with the ways of gamification, giving rewards, and allowing to customize your avatar. 


This is a platform for learners who need to pass the international language tests or entrance exams into English-speaking countries. Magoosh helps with such tests:

  • GRE (Graduate Record Examinations);
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test);
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language);
  • SAT Reasoning Test (Scholastic Aptitude Test);
  • ACT (American College Testing);
  • Praxis;
  • LSAT (Law School Admission Test);
  • MCAT (Medical College Admission Test);
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

One of the major advantages of Magoosh is that you get an authentic test experience in terms of tasks, difficulty, and timing. You may be proficient in English and have an acquisition of Law. However, if you don’t prepare yourself for strenuous exam conditions, it may be vain. Unfortunately, to go through the test you need not only to learn the subject. You need to actually train how to pass the test. 


The lessons are available on both webs and as a mobile application. Among the features, enhancing the learning process are:

  • timed practice questions that help to come closer to the conditions of the exam;
  • video lessons;
  • statistics of your progress to help you see what is to be improved;
  • support chat;
  • vocabulary flashcards;
  • math and verbal practice;
  • a game for two people to compete in the depth of knowledge;
  • points for completing each topic;
  • plug-and-play study schedules.  


You don’t always hire professionals. More often you raise professionals like you would your kids, only it’s a corporate edition. It’s okay to have one-to-one trainee lessons if your company is small. However, when we talk about enterprises, we also consider large numbers of recruits. The greatest contribution to enterprises’ well-being is that Mindflash reduces corporate training costs by automatizing the processes. It also measures the overall expenditure the company spends on internships. Basically, using Mindflash you bring online every aspect of training you’ve had under your office’s roof and speed it up twice. 

This platform allows companies to create courses, lessons, and programs from scratch. However, they also can bring their already existing resources into the system. Mindflash supports the traditional means of sharing digital info – docs, power points, MP3, and so on. All these files will be a theoretical part of your course. To add a practical one, Mindflash has questions, quizzes, and surveys of different kinds that you can customize according to your course. After that, your job’s done and the system will take care of everything: grading, notification trainees, and measuring their progress. Mindflash also categorizes participants according to their type of training and the results of it. 


This is at the same time unique and universal ed-tech startup for course creating. Unique because it’s so simple to use as though you just create a social media profile. Universal because it’s suitable not only for enterprises and schools – but for everyone who wants to teach something. The drag-and-drop way of forming the course speeds up the setup because it’s easy and intuitive. What’s a really great idea that Easygenerator has implemented is the customization of the design. You can select colors, fonts, and sizes yourself, or you can send Easygenerator your company’s design concept and they will help you to integrate brand connectivity. 

To create your learning solution on Easygenerator choose from 11 question types, add videos and audios explaining the materials and choose a design for each content block. Then include knowledge checkups with your company’s expert. Or perhaps this expert is you? Nevermind, whoever it is – you will be able to give different people admin rights. Easygenerator is a great example of the eLearning platform, as it also has numerous standard compliances: SCORM, xAPI, and LTI. 

DM me your home assignment, or why eLearning is the future of education

For many of us, it is still a bit challenging to bring all lessons into the online world. What about eye contact and non-verbal cues? What about face-to-face interaction and empathy? You are perfectly right to feel concerned about the lack of it because it’s harder to convey all these things just through the screen. However, you do communicate with your friends in messengers? You do DM them to share something new about your day and the funny meme you’ve recently seen? So, what would be wrong with DMing your homework to the teacher?

These concerns are there, and they have the right to be there. However, when creating a pro-con list, cons are so far behind the pros that you don’t really think about non-verbal cues and eye contacts any more. You only think about how to create a new feature that would replace or compensate for it. In no way can the online world entirely replace an offline one. Pursue it as an additional feature that makes learners’ lives easier, and that’s what we’ve found important on this topic.

1) Access to global knowledge — submitted. The world is full of geniuses who live in different parts of the planet. With the Internet, you get access to the best teachers from all the continents. Each of them will have a unique perspective on their subject. That’s some kind of global dispute in which you find your truth.

2) What is truth, and what is false? Unsupported facts, pseudo-science, and biased way of looking at the information — to avoid it, it’s necessary to always consider an alternative source of learning. With global education, you get an enormous variety of choices.

3) Communicate with native speakers. Global world = the need to communicate with foreigners to build a business, to find out the info, to share the experience. Although the English language has become international, it’s always a good idea to learn one more. Immersing into the language is better with a native speaker who may live in the other part of the world. Here’s to the Internet who made this problem solvable.

4) Tik-tok on the clock. It’s better to waste spare money than waste your time because you will earn more dollars doing your job. You will not earn more time, even if you are the youngest businessman on Earth. That’s what applies to the learners, as well. To attend classes in their city, they have to commute and waste time getting ready. With online lessons, they can study laying on their beds. 

5) Availability 24/7. And no, it’s not about teachers, instructors, or students. It’s about the availability of the info. With online courses, you can watch and re-watch everything 3 times if needed. You can study after work, or when you get better (if you’re ill). That’s exactly the mundane obstacles learners have from time to time. That’s exactly what eLearning solves. 

Knowledge and experience are the best assets now. Let’s share it with the world together. Contact SapientPro to build your platform for sharing knowledge with all billions of potential learners. 

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