27 Nov 2019
Oksana, copywriter
The rise of sales, increased traffic and positive reviews are just a couple of benefits you may get from a website redesign.
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If you want your e-commerce business to grow and develop (we believe you do), you need to keep track of events in the online retail industry and, of course, implement on-time updates. Sometimes, small changes are not enough, then significant renovations should take place. Those may include changing the offers you provide and product lines, updating the website and finally redesigning.

The question of redesign should be taken up seriously, as the first impression is what most people rely on when it comes to the Internet and its tough competition. Be ready to invest enough effort and budget to the renovation that will increase your business’s value.

To know how to determine your budget. It’s important to consider at first the features, reasons, and type of changes, necessary for your website in the process of redesign.

When you need to redesign your eCommerce project

There may be various reasons why you need to implement changes in your eCommerce website. Think about what turns the customers off from making orders on your website. The e-commerce team at SapientPro highlighted some of the most wide-spread issues that are the  triggers for renovations in your e-store:

  • The design is old-fashioned

Believe it or not, people claim the websites with beautiful design to be more trustworthy, and tend to visit them again. The time is passing by bringing new trends into web design. The animations are becoming more complicated, new combinations of colors and responsive images are coming on the stage. Your eCommerce website is the showcase of your business. It has to be modern, comfortable for the users and memorable.

  • Low conversion rate

Another reason for redesign may be a decrease in your online sales. Analyze your e-project. In case the problem with the traffic lies in the website functionality, don’t hesitate to start renovations.

  • Long load time

Bad news for you if the page loading time is more than three seconds. With so many eCommerce websites available, people will simply go to another website rather than wait for your webpage to open.

Fast loading is a must for SEO. Google claims that page loading speed is the essential factor affecting showing the website in the search results. You can check how fast your page opens and find the core of the problem with the help of such tools as Google PageSpeed Insights. Consider redesigning if the website is old and increasing page speed is difficult to implement.

  • Website isn’t responsive (mobile-optimized)

The need for website optimizing is one more reason for renovation. According to Statcounter, market share worldwide is 52% for mobile devices, 45% for desktops, leaving 3% for tablets. The mobile version of your website saves you from losing a decent number of customers.
The best solution is building a responsive website. In this case, design is automatically adapted to various screen sizes.

  • The website is not user-friendly

If you want the buyers to come back to your website – take care of user experience. People prefer shopping online because it’s comfortable. Make sure that making purchases in your e-store is not complicated and the navigation is well-optimized.

The process of eCommerce project redesign

The redesigning process is not an easy task. First of all, it requires preplanning, creating a checklist, deciding on the budget and finally, step-by-step implementation. There are several main stages of renovating an e-commerce website:

ecommerce website home page before redesign

Information analysis and collecting user data

To begin with, define your goals and plan the ways to achieve them. At this stage, you should analyze the website you already have: what works fine and what needs alterations. If you feel unsatisfied with some parts of the webpage, add its redesign into a plan.

Various analytics software like Sisense or Looker may be used to collect user data. Track the visitors, offer them to ask your questions. Consider also conducting research, comparing your business to the competitors’ sites.

Wireframes and mockups

To get the overall idea of how the website should look like after redesign, start with creating a wireframe. It will help you to have a visual image of the location of the content on the webpage and added functionality. As a rule, there may be several drafts on the way to the final decision.

Understanding what you need, you can move on to building a mock-up. The full-sized model of the future website looks like a screenshot where you can see all the details well.

UI Design

That’s when the latest trends of visual design and modern functionality are added to your website. With the recent changes in CSS, bringing new opportunities to web design, upgrading the website is a wonderful idea.

During this stage, you decide on the color palette, content display options, beautiful general image, and easy navigation.

Testing and changes

Skipping this step is far from a good solution. With the help of testing, you can detect the problems and inconsistencies of the website before the customers notice them. Insufficient testing can bring about serious troubles including security issues and payment errors.

It’s better to spend more time and double-check everything than present a poor-quality product to clients.

How much does the eCommerce project redesign cost?

You can also find out the cost of building an e-commerce website from scratch in our article.

Estimating the budget is a many-sided issue. When it comes to the cost of website redesign, the answer is simple – it all depends. On average, eCommerce website redesign price ranges from $2,000 to $9,000.

What affects the price the most significantly is the functionality. The rule here is: need more – pay more. All additional features like client reviews, advanced catalogs with interactive images and other custom functions although require decent investments, can place your business to a higher level.

Design complexity also affects the price of the redesign. Are you satisfied with implementing ready-made themes or wish to stand out with a unique design? The first option may cost you zero dollars, but don’t expect any “Wow” effect from such templates.

Bear in mind developers’ rates when building your renovations budget. The numbers vary according to developers’ location, seniority and which developers you want to hire: professional teams or freelancers.

Agencies vs Freelance

Agencies and outsourcing companies are more reliable and easily reachable. They have experience and can guarantee a high quality of the final product.

The second option may be riskier. Freelance developers charge less, but no one can ensure you top-notch quality.

Ecommerce project redesign example

Seeing once is better than hearing twice. Here is an example of how the redesign was implemented in one of the e-commerce projects, we’ve been working on. Footshop is the European online store with a great selection of brand sneakers and apparel.

The home page is the first thing that catches customers’ attention. The old-fashioned page won’t impress anyone.

Before redesign:

ecommerce website home page after redesign

After redesign:

ecommerce website product menu before redesign

The product menu should make navigation easy and pleasant. More categories, brand icons earned e-shoppers’ love.

Before redesign:

ecommerce website product menu after redesign

After redesign:

ecommerce website product page before redesign

The product page should convince the customer to buy the product if they still hesitate. Big images, product’s rating, highlighting discounts is definitely a better choice.

Before redesign:

ecommerce website product page after redesign

After redesign:

Is an eCommerce site redesign worth the investment

E-commerce is popular not only among shoppers, but also among business owners. Unless you want to trail behind in the competition, investments are inevitable. Not to spend time and money in vain, the investments must be well-thought. The best solution is to conduct a profound analysis of your website, determine its weak points and amaze everyone with an outstanding redesign.

The rise of sales, increased traffic and positive reviews are just a couple of benefits you may get from an eCommerce website redesign. Still hesitating? Feel free to contact SapientPro for a detailed estimation or just professional advice. Our team can also help you breathe new life into your e-commerce business.

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