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22 Apr 2020
Kate, copywriter
Emotions. In general, your product page needs to provoke the user’s emotions.
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If you were a customer, would you shop on your website?

It’s healthy for your eCommerce business if you ask yourself this question from time to time. Does this call of action button work on your friends? Would your daughter want to surf the product pages for hours, choosing the present for her next birthday? Would your co-worker add the website to the bookmarks to order the new shaving kit when he has some spare money? 

Would they? Would you? 

That’s the feeling your target audience experiences when ordering from you. Coming across the landing page, they test: “Do I need this product? Can I afford it? Is it going to solve my problem? Will the purchase satisfy me?”. As soon as they answer “Yes” to these questions, will they go to the home page – to see if their conclusions were right? The more “Yes’s” and “Wows” you get, the more lasting users’ trust becomes. Now it’s time for the last call. This is when your product page will either ruin all the impressions or make them even stronger. Will it turn your visitors into regular customers? Let the game begin!

Product page design best practices: what are they? 

They are the usual pages – with headers, pictures, and links – only with a twist. Just like your friend Josh – an ordinary guy. Still, everyone laughs at his jokes like he’s Kevin Hart. Before looking for your twist, make sure you have the minimal package of features. 

1) Catchy titles to show the name, nature, and purpose of the product. You can write in an AliExpress manner including all-the-keywords-you-can-find-and-more-clothes-tennis-male-hammer-pink. Or you can make it elegant in the manner of Lush where they named the honey soap for kids “Honey I washed the kids”. Punny joke!

2) High-quality photos and videos, displaying the item from different sides and showing different variants of using it. If you sell clothes, it’s a must – to add photos of models of various sizes and heights. Best product websites have this info

3) Descriptions, including sizes, colors, fabrics, shapes, ways of using information about the manufacturer, etc.

4) Practical considerations – ways and timing of delivery, payment options, cross-border taxes

5) Reviews and ratings. It’s a digital word of mouth – a powerful tool of arising trust. 

6) Call to action. “Add to the cart”, “Order now”, “Order with one click”, “Choose your size”, “Write a review”. Subconsciously, imperative phrases make us act. So, would you like to read about the twist? Wait, no… Read about the twist!

That is what each product page design has. How to find something special to include in your product pages? It depends on your target audience. For example, Jack is a conservative man. He doesn’t like bright animations and provocative headlines. He just wants to order his pair of pants, peace, and quiet. If he is in your target audience, your special feature would be accuracy and minimalism. And here is Kevin, who likes everything that raises intense emotions. He needs more creative promo videos and unusual photos. 

What can make your product page distinctive today?

  • Interactive content;
  • Distinguishes like “vegan”, “not tested on animals”, “genuine silver” (only make sure it’s true);
  • Social media integration;
  • Real customers’ photos with the product;
  • Influencers/celebrities engagement;
  • Tutorials;
  • Links to the articles on the subject: “Where can toy learn to sing today?” on the product page with mikes;
  • Personalization (e.g. name engraving);
  • Compilations of products: “this dress looks good with these sandals”
  • Gamification;
  • Shipping information and solutions. 

Emotions. In general, you need the user’s emotions. The product page is the major place for them to appear because that’s where all the purchases happen.

Get inspired by these product page examples! 


“Now wash your hands” states the landing page of this brand’s website not only because of the epidemic but also because they offer handmade cosmetics. To shop you will need to choose the category first and there are many of those: Bath & Shower, Face, Body, Hair, Gifts, and Fragrances. Even if you are not sure what types of hair products exist except for shampoo, there are subcategories. The first things that stand out are the interesting names of the items – not just white soap or anti-dandruff shampoo. They have “13 soap unlucky for dirt”, “Honey I washed my hair”, “Sleepy” and “Karma”. Now – the product page itself. 


Lush’s product page contains:

  • a promo video as a background;
  • a photo of the product;
  • ratings and reviews;
  • “Add to wishlist” and “Add to Basket” call-to-action buttons;
  • list of ingredients, highlighting natural products and safe synthetics by colors;
  • related article;
  • related content – items you would want to buy if you liked the product;
  • quality standards: “100% Vegan”, “Ethical buying” etc. 

So why would I order from Lush? First, the photos, they are minimalistic and meet my expectations of the handmade items, looking exactly as you imagine such products. The texts are simple and catchy and the list of ingredients is very precise – you feel taken care of. Also, the design of the page is very elegant, you just scroll through all of it with no effort: the proportion of photos and texts is just right not to confuse. 


The minimalistic design and creative and simple photos – that’s what combined brand Away to spread their love to travel accessories (suitcases, bags, and organizers). Press “Shop all” to discover all offers they have.


Away’s product page contains:

  • photos of the product on the white background, displaying it from different sides;
  • ratings;
  • description;
  • color options;
  • material options;
  • features and details;
  • warranty and return policy;
  • call-to-action button;
  • recommended products (“keep building your travel uniform”);
  • reviews and questions.

Minimalism is a new black. Everything is elegant, and no bright color disturbs your sight as you scroll down the page. The descriptions of the products are vivid. It’s a good thing that you see the return policy just near the item you want to purchase – no need to follow additional links and waste your time. 


“We can do better for our planet” state this shoe-selling brand on their homepage. That means we’ll deal with the company whose value is sustainability. There are two buttons on the top, referring to the product pages: MEN and WOMEN. They have a “Quick Add” option so the customers will purchase without visiting many product pages. 

Perfect keto

Allbirds’ product page contains:

  • title;
  • photos and videos;
  • color options;
  • ratings;
  • limited edition options;
  • size chart;
  • shipping and return;
  • three highlights the special features of the product;
  • core features; 
  • description;
  • care guide;

Allbirds combine photos and videos of the product, so you see the image and usage altogether and it is enticing. They provide available size charts in the US, UK, and EU measures. A care guide is written in the form of instruction, so you will not only get shoes of excellent quality but will also learn how to wash them without harm. 

Perfect Keto

Keto diet – a very low-carb, high-fat diet – is gaining popularity nowadays. Perfect Keto is #1 America’s company that provides such supplements. They created the design in pastel shades. The products are divided into Keto Essentials, Snacks & Nutrition, and Energy & Performance.

Perfect Keto’s product page contains:

  • title and photos;
  • impact on the human body;
  • reviews;
  • flavor options;
  • quantity;
  • plans (buy once or subscribe);
  • ADD TO BAG button;
  • key features;
  • “when to use” information (in the morning, during a workout, starting Keto, etc);
  • ingredients (“what’s inside?”);
  • press reviews;
  • how to use;
  • recipes;
  • FAQs;

Although the Keto diet is not new to the world, there are many people not familiar with the major aspects of it. The owners of this company knew it and that’s why they provided not only the basic information about the nutrition but also the recipes and FAQs. Also, considering the target audience, which is the people who care about what they eat – there are ingredients.

Clothes and accessories for young adults – no wonder this website is so colorful! Here we see the implementation of a specific UI to the target audience. It would be weird if they chose some dark themes for selling summer dresses and swimsuits. The inscriptions like “Treat yourself to something new” and “Take care of yourself are everywhere” so they follow the trend of the ultimate self-care for their customers. 

Unitedbyblue’s product page contains:

  • title and photos;
  • zooming the picture;
  • reviews;
  • payment info;
  • sizes;
  • ADD TO BAG button;
  • descriptions and features;
  • free returns conditions;
  • recommendations (“goes well with”, “you’ll like this”);
  • creative collab with an influencer;
  • questions;

If the audience comprises avid Instagram users, invite influencers’ collaboration. If your customers consider fashion to be an important aspect of their life – help them choose the best outfits that match. understands that – check yourself!

United by blue

 Planet-loving brand providing good for everything – to dress up, decorate your home, or take to the vacation. The website’s dominant color is beige – calm shades of it. Their key value – sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Also, they let the customers know that for 1 product they purchase they remove 1 pound of trash from the environment.

United by blue’s product page contains:

  • photos and titles;
  • color options; 
  • sizes;
  • details;
  • reviews;
  • a story about the creation of each product;
  • information about the manufacturer;
  • recommendations (“you may also like”);
  • questions,

Most of the sustainable shops choose the green color and different shades of it for their design. Here we see a different unconventional picture. Their product pages are minimalistic and they could be just like any others if there wasn’t for their storytelling. United by blue cares so much about their values, that they tell how they create the items, who creates them, and under what conditions. Fair. 


A provocative brand Poo-Pourri manages to sell toilet sanitizers elegantly. Their demo reminds one of the cartoons that become very popular on YouTube. Their product being so peculiar, they don’t need special features to attract the attention of the customers. 


Poo-Pourri’s product page contains:

  • name of the scent;
  • scent (e.g. peony + rose + citron);
  • promo video of how the toilet scent works;
  • compounds description;
  • size guide;
  • most popular products;
  • ratings and reviews.

Simply Chocolate

This company from Copenhagen offers handmade chocolate bars. They have combined their product and landing pages and created something so exciting that you do feel like a kid asking mom to buy some sweets in the bakery. 

Simply Chocolate’s page contains:

  • picture of the chocolate bar’s wrapping scroll and you’ll see…
  • the chocolate itself, as you scroll it breaks into two pieces and you’ll see…
  • the filling of the bar;
  • name;
  • ADD TO THE BOX button;
  • description;
  • ingredients;
  • nutritional content.

It’s a single product page that reminds more of a video-demo. For example, we began our Simply-Chocolate-journey with mint bar “Fresh Freddie”, scrolled and bumped into the premium white chocolate “Persian Perry” and finished with marzipan bar “Dark Marcy”. It’s an example of an interactive product page, where to find out all the items the shop offers, you need to scroll till the end. The shipping and payment info is provided on separate pages. 


All eCommerce webshops mentioned above had a set of basic features on their product pages. Those were the title, photos, price, call-to-action-buttons, descriptions, and features. That’s the minimum, to begin with. As for the payment and shipping information – it can be both on the product page or the separate one on the menu. Depending on your product, you will choose your special twist. For Simply Chocolate it was their interactive design, for Perfect Keto – press reviews and recipes, for United by Blue – the story that lays behind the products. It’s really up to you to decide what way of enticing the customers you implement. And remember: If you were a customer, would you shop on your website?

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Kate, copywriter
COVID-crisis influence over the digital world
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