Creating a successful marketplace application may seem a Herculean task to cope with. However, its maintenance is not a simpler task either. Here we come across the helpful app upgrades. But why do you need to upgrade your application and what features a renewed app should have? Let’s dig deeper into these questions.

Chapter 1

Reasons for your app upgrade

Knowing the roots of the problem helps greatly to identify the weak points and start moving in the right direction. In this chapter you’ll come across the most popular causes for your marketplace app update.

Security & Privacy issues

One of the biggest concerns of app owners is to preserve the clients’ rights and to protect their privacy and personal data. In case your security system has weakened, you must immediately think of the ways of its improvement. For example, try to enforce multi factor authentication, provide your customers with security and privacy policy, consider the audit reports.  

The urge to see originality

Don’t forget that trends keep changing and we physically can’t adore something for a long period of time. Therefore, people seek for novelty, new perceptions and experience. So it’s your purpose to be able to suggest and implement new app features, appealing vibes and astonishing bonuses for your clients. After all, this is the initial purpose of an app upgrade.


UI/UX Enhancement

Despite your app excellent performance and operation speed, you have to pay attention to one more crucial point: your product visual characteristics. Because the first thing any user notices while visiting your platform is what it looks like. That’s why take into account whether your web app fits in current UI/UX trends and standards (e.g. minimalism, blurred colourful background, complex typography, glassmorphism and more). Also make sure that your application interface is not too complicated and doesn’t confuse an untrained user.


App User Feedback

Various types of user feedback such as app store reviews, support requests, in-app feedback form a realization which changes/new features are recommendable to integrate in the app. The information you receive from such feedback is essential for your application success and satisfaction of users’ needs. Likewise, in case you neglect adding the same feature despite constant user demands, you’ll end up losing potential clients and experience financial losses. 

Chapter 2

Marketplace app update trends in 2021

If you want your application to be successful and attract new customers, make sure to follow these trends in the upgrading process:


Augmented reality (AR)

Extremely useful and modern feature as this technology helps the marketplace application to provide its visitors with the opportunity to evaluate the goods and services visually before the final payment. Not only you reduce negative users’ reviews because of wrong product delivery but also keep up with the latest trends. 

Voice Search

When you choose to integrate voice search into your application, your users will benefit from this integration. Because with voice search, you don’t need to browse through numerous folders in order to find that particular product. You are able to present new opportunities for customer commitment, fulfillment, and retention plus save their time spent on search through items. 


Photo Shopping

With the help of this feature, buyers can easily find the product even without knowing the name of the product or its brand. They just have to take a click of that product and search this pic throughout the platform. Again, it saves users’ time and gives the application a clear vision of what you want to buy.


Payment Options

There are diverse types of clients with different ways of thinking and buying habits. Thus, it would be a right choice to provide multiple payment gateways to your customers by offering various payment options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, cash on delivery etc. In such a way you can satisfy the needs of your clients’ majority.

Chapter 3

Technologies to use for marketplace app update

Visual and function upgrade of your platform is, without doubt, a vital step. However, don’t forget that the key to fulfilling your goals lies in a wise usage of software development technologies. Which ones to choose for your particular marketplace app upgrade? Let’s take a look at recommendations, provided by our SapientPro developers.


Flutter is a solution to the long-term pain point of many devs. This platform belongs to Google and uses Dart programming language, which refreshes the UI with the minimal code building. It also reduces devs’ time as they have to create only one code base for both IOS and Android apps. The main advantage of Flutter lies in its design simplicity. All you need to do is simply plug customized widgets together. In such a way you can update your marketplace application piece by piece, similarly to putting together Lego bricks.


React Native

Such a framework as React Native is very helpful when it comes to marketplace app upgrade. Firstly, it allows to deliver high-quality apps for a fraction of resources. And secondly, you don’t need to hire 2 separate teams to build apps for 2 operational systems. Cause you can keep a single development team for both versions. Furthermore, RN has simplified user interface and employs declarative programming, which eases up the process of spotting bugs.



Xamarin framework uses C# programming language, which is contemporary and easy to use for upgrading a marketplace app. It is also a cross-platform tool, which supports a range of operating systems like IOS and Android. Your app can stay up-to-date with Xamarin, since it delivers new releases of device OS features within 2 weeks. With Xamarin, you can spend more time on integrating some new sophisticated features and reduce time spent on identifying and fixing bugs. It can be all done owing to the significant amount of shared code. 



An open-source framework Ionic is built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova. However, it is also allowed to use such web technologies as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to its cross-platform feature, Ionic suggests the simplest way for web devs to grow scalable mobile apps. Moreover, it contains wide UI functions such as pre-designed components, typography, interactive paradigms, and a gorgeous base theme.

Chapter 4

Wrap this up

To sum it up, you should upgrade your marketplace application not once in a blue moon. It has to become a common habit, which will eventually add brand new vibes to your app. One more crucial aspect to consider is the selection of the right app developers. If you have an urge to update your marketplace platform, but face a dead end, you’re welcome to turn to our SapientPro development team. Having a rich expertise in creating such types of apps, we are sure to find a proper solution for your project too.