New Year’s celebration: Code sapiently, party like a pro.

08 Jan 2020
Kate, copywriter
SapientPro is not about work only. It’s about the people who do this work.
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A year`s supply of socks for Ihor

Each year there is a special day when SapientPro IT guys close their laptops. They stop sending the “Android vs iPhone” memes to the chat. Their wives hide their computer mice and chargers.  SapientPro`s New Year party has come. It’s time to let some steam off. 

The restaurant Monopoli warmly welcomed us on the 27th of December. The party once more highlighted that our team is growing every year. We held the first corporate party in 2017. It was in a small apartment with only 5 workers, great ambitions, and self-made bbq. Today we are a team of 40 specialists. The ambitions are multiplied by 5, and the bbq made for us. Many glasses were raised to celebrate the enlargement of our close-knit IT-family. We arranged the Secret Santa and a special contest, so the party lasted till 2 AM. Even then we didn’t want to stop. 

Revealing Secret Santa secrets at the party. 

At day they are meeting deadlines at the office. At night they are Secret Santas, searching for the best presents. This gift exchange was supposed to show how well SapientPro guys know each other. Artem was given the dilemma. He had to choose a gift for the new member of our family Ihor. He knew nothing about Ihor`s interests and decided to give him something each man desires to have.

ARTEM: I got him a years` supply of socks. I didn’t know him and I always like to choose something unusual. I thought about what connects all men. Well, they often lose their socks, right? I decided to solve one of Igor`s problems. 

KATE: Are there 365 socks? 

ARTEM: (laughs)  No, only 30, but with thorough planning and strategy it should be enough for the year

Secret Santa presents giving

Artem himself got a special T-Shirt from Kate. 

KATE: I chose the one where the Android eats Apple. You see, in the battle between these two brands, Artem chose the side of Android. So I decided to strongly support him (taps something on her iPhone).’

Other gifts were the DEADline hoodie, the tanker`s helmet, the book “Sapiens”, a pack of buckwheat, and a flash-card with the UDEMY course.

Vlad - the winner of the contest

Challenging contest: the story of 31 reposts

 A month before the party we announced the contest. On each week of December, everyone got to choose one card with a task. Overall, each teammate had 4 cards and therefore 4 tasks by the end of the month. They could prepare a coffee for a neighbor or cook something for the front end developer. Each task could be performed the whole of December as many times the guys wanted to. For each time the task was done, they got 1 point. For example, our HR manager Kate made cheesecakes for the front-developers 6 times and got 6 points. Serj and Ihor told the whole crew about their first days with this company and got 1 point each. Well, their first days in the company were the first days of the company. So everyone got to know the history of SapientPro better. Andrew treated his teammates to coffee 7 times. 

The winner turned out to be the most inventive. Why wasting the ingredients on the cheesecake? Vlad shared the posts from our Facebook and Instagram pages 31 times. He won a SapientPro Hoodie. The simplicity of genius, as they say.

SapientPro crew

Kate won the silver of the contest. She cooked, prepared coffee and even created the motto for SapientPro. For her proactivity, our HR manager won a SapientPro Thermo cup. Oksana took third place. She made 7 reposts and did a special Jedi task made up by Ihor and Serj. Our copywriter wasn’t prepared to deal with lightsabers yet, she had to encounter another battle. Battle with her imagination. Oksana was supposed to create a verse about SapientPro and she did it wonderfully, winning 5 kilos of tangerines! You can read the verse on our Instagram page.

Our New Year’s Resolution

SapientPro is not about work only. It’s about the people who do this work. They spend hours in the office, and we couldn’t help but make their workplace feel like home. A home filled with close friends. Friends who became a family. Let the New Year begin with new dreams and ambitions that would turn into reality by the end of 2020. Happy New Year! 

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