Adopting The Dutch Experience

20 Sep 2019
Oksana, copywriter
The key to successful project delivery at SapientPro lies in the complete understanding between us and the customer.
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Great news! COO Serge Molodyk and CTO Max Tatarchenko, back to back with our local Business Developer Alex Shopski, did some good business. They brought us positive vibes from their trip to the Netherlands.

The schedule was quite busy as they had eight meetings in just three days. However, besides work, the guys managed to see the beauty and excellence of the Dutch infrastructure.

Our company has many Dutch partners. The cooperation with the Netherlands has evolved due to several reasons. First of all, it is a hi-tech country. The technological progress there has gone far ahead of many other European regions, so the need for high-quality software development and engineering is undeniable.

As a matter of fact Dutch people are good negotiators and do business all over the world. The proof is in the history. Up to the nineteenth century, the Dutch were the only Europeans given permission not only to trade, but also to live in Japan. Still, the citizens are great traders and communicators, that is why the collaboration with Dutch always goes smoothly and results in top-level products and positive feedback.

What makes this country so effective and successful is the people and education. Their unity is remarkable. You may see people of different tastes, political views, and religions sitting at one table and having a friendly chat, living together and working side by side. Dutch are simple and open-minded. No matter if they are the owners of a giant corporation or farmers, you can always find great interlocutors among them.

The meetings were not all about business affairs. However they were really fruitful as the guys could agree upon a lot of important issues with the companions. Seeing our new partners entailed projects discussions, describing areas of work and our technology stack together.

During informal gatherings you can feel the real spirit of partnership. The guys managed to unite the colleagues from different projects in the battle against zombies. Even if it was just a VR game, it was more than a great fun, it was team building, something very spiritual.

The key to successful project delivery lies in the complete understanding between us and the customer. So such face-to-face meetings are useful to look for what unites us with each client. And that’s an advantage for both sides.

Besides being reliable, our Dutch partners need to find trust in us. And SapientPro is always happy to provide them with confidence, tech expertise and friendly attitude. Thanks to all our companions for such a wonderful time and productive talks! Now it’s time to get back to work and gain more experience.

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Oksana, copywriter
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