Building websites for special purposes and services is difficult. You have to keep up with modern challenges as well as fight for the speed, performance, and security of the software you develop. To achieve this web developers often use frameworks to deal with tasks faster and more effortlessly. Since most of the websites, web services, and applications are built using PHP it is important to be aware of all novelties regarding frameworks for PHP developers. One of the most useful and popular frameworks for PHP programming languages is Laravel. This open-source framework is used for a vast majority of middle-sized PHP-based projects nowadays. But why is it that popular? Due to many things, actually.


As a PHP framework Laravel claims to be the most advanced tool for PHP developers. It is characterized by a great ecosystem, great cashing, testing, data security, and overall performance. Laravel is a cross-platform framework suitable for both websites and applications, showing great results.  Laravel is the most user-friendly PHP framework and this is the very first reason for its renown. Due to using MVC architecture and codes from other frameworks, Laravel remains both simple to understand and very practical. Once you get used to Laravel it becomes your favorite tool for PHP development. Laravel based websites and applications on the other hand are suitable for users and bug-free.


Laravel has lots of cons, which encourage developers to exploit it. Laravel provides a wide range of development services such as design services, business and e-commerce solutions, integration and customization services. It also is comparatively simple to switch from one platform to Laravel or from an older version of the framework to a newer one.

Data Security

High performance in terms of data security is Laravel’s asset. It is vital if your project will be dealing with goods, money, and private users’ data because you have to pay special attention to data leaks in this case. Laravel delivers extremely high information security for the software developed within the ecosystem. This is possible due to the revolutionary approach. The framework uses pre-installed object-oriented libraries. It is equipped with an Eloquent ORM system. With its help Laravel uses PHP code directly instead of exploiting more vulnerable SQL files, thus making your code safer from data losses and different kinds of web fraud. 


Overall better website performance delivered by Laravel is possible because of the framework’s supreme caching. Another important feature of Laravel is the unified API for different back-ends. This approach lets you make your web-service’s work significantly faster. It will also enable better integrations with numerous web services.

Blade template engine

Blade is a tool that makes Laravel so simple in use and delivers its interoperability. In contrast to other PHP engines, Blade doesn’t restrict users from using plain PHP code within the application’s templates. Blade caches and compiles all the templates till they are modified. Hence, the engine doesn’t complicate your code, saving your time and reducing the probability of software’s bugging. This is really appreciated by the Laravel developers.


Laravel framework has a great choice of various object-oriented libraries and an improved database migration system. Object-oriented libraries aren’t common for other PHP frameworks and make the framework faster and more secure. Authentication library is one of the best pre-installed libraries with encryption, active user checking, and other authentication services. This built-in library prevents much web fraud connected with CRSF.

Great Authentication Performance

Among the rest, Laravel provides the fastest authentication when compared with other frameworks.  Such basic things for many internet users all over the world as registering, logging in, or changing passwords are done in Laravel with only one simple command, thus making it faster and more convenient for the sites’ customers. Laravel is an undeniable authorization logic leader.

Decent testing

Software testing is a great reason to chose Laravel for web development. Laravel doesn’t only help to create advanced software fast, it also makes it much easier to test new samples. The framework has a special testing package. That’s why the software developed via Laravel is usually more reliable and bug-free than the analogs.


There is a lot of e-commerce built with Laravel because this PHP framework has a great variety of packages for e-commerce development.

AvoRed is an open-source easy-to-customize Laravel software. AvoRed allows creating product entities like categories, attributes, and others, providing efficient order management capabilities to track customer orders, customer information, and inventory management. The marketing module allows sending promotional emails to customers. This helps promote your products thereby delivering you a great experience of managing the entire e-commerce.

Bagisto is a very convenient open-source e-commerce package. The code-driven approach community on open Forums & Groups and easily customizable functionality make getting support and setting up your e-commerce service on Bagisto easy.

Another great open-source library for e-commerce is Aimeous. This library is applicable not only for Laravel but also for such PHP frameworks as Symphony and Slim. Aimeous is greatly integrated with other PHP code. It also helps with speed, allowing your software to process up to 10, 0000 orders daily without any troubles.


Laravel PHP framework has obvious advantages, but how do the common Laravel-based websites look like? Let us find out what sites are built with Laravel:


Freelancers, who work on lots of big-scale projects need some tools to organize their time. FusionInvoice is a customer relationship management service that may be really useful for managing small businesses and hard-working freelancers.


Neighborhoodlender is a mortgage website that was built with the Laravel PHP framework. It provides real estate purchasing services in such US states as North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. An understandable interface and high functionality are Laravel’s contributions to the website’s convenience.


Another great project delivered via the Laravel framework is Barchart. It deals with global stock markets and is mostly used in English-speaking countries such as the UK, the US, and Australia. This is a serious web service for traders all over the world with a pretty functional dashboard. As it is based on Laravel it is pretty fast, which is vital for commercial websites.


Not only e-commerce platforms are easy-to-build with Laravel. MyRank is an India-based online education platform. It offers not just various courses within the web platform, but also contains exams to test knowledge and assistance in job hunting. Once you’ve visited the website you get to wonder about the number of sections it has. Notwithstanding it remains really fast and formidable in work.


One more e-education platform, built with Laravel Alison is available as both a website and a mobile app. The website itself is done in a really smart manner and offers such education directions as IT, Health, Business, Engineering, Sales and many others.


Due to the number of projects, SapientPro embodied with Laravel we can call ourselves a Laravel web development company. Our developers are familiar with this framework and exploit it in the development of e-commerce projects, email marketing platforms, content creation platforms. E-commerce built with Laravel by SapientPro has great speed, reliability and provides interoperability with other web platforms. 

Some of the projects our company has worked on using Laravel:

  • Budelinc is a Dutch design, marketing, and development company, we made their website using Laravel 
  • Contentoo – a content creation platform
  • A web page for Dzintars – a huge perfume seller in Europe 
  • Mettz Media – an email marketing platform
  • Inboxgun – an email marketing platform
  • Mello B.V. – an email marketing platform
  • And many others 

Contact our team to start your own web project, our team is familiar with all the best PHP frameworks for the sake of your project’s affordability and reliability.