Attending the biggest professional Javascript conference in Ukraine, JS Fest 2019

29 Nov 2019
Oksana, copywriter
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We strongly appreciate and encourage our developers’ wish to broaden their knowledge. A team of SapientPro front-end engineers has recently returned from the international conference covering diverse aspects of JavaScript development.

Attending JS Fest in Kyiv became not only useful but also captivating and inspiring experience for the guys. Here is what they say about the fest: “Everything was awesome: lectures, speakers, location, food, afterparty, and the overall atmosphere.”

people attending international javascript conference in kyiv

Vlad emphasized the choice of world-famous speakers from various countries: “They could present talks that were full of practical examples from real-life projects. Although we were there for the whole two days, we weren’t tired of speeches.”

What is more, every developer could find something interesting to their tastes. There were various topics like frameworks, blockchain, optimization, testing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Besides gaining new priceless knowledge, JSFest became a platform for communication among the developers. Contests, rich program, special guests and interesting board games made the conference mood more friendly and joyful. “We are definitely going to the next JS Fest in Spring”, says Misha.

Now, back to the office the guys share what they’ve learned with other colleagues. This week Viktor has successfully held the presentation about the decorators in JS. More engaging lectures are coming!

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Oksana, copywriter
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