PHP Academy 2.0

We are announcing a new format of our SapientAcademy for future PHP specialists! Sign up and immerse in the world of coding, creative work, exciting encounters, and new knowledge – all of it at our free academy!

A New Format!

There are just a few more weeks left in SapientAcademy 1.0. That was remarkable: 4 people are already working in our company. One student is currently on an internship with us. Our previous experience and feedback helped us update the format and prioritize practice. Now, you will have an even greater opportunity to code, develop, and learn our know-how!

More practice

More practice

Less lectures and presentations with theoretical materials - more hands-on knowledge and actual coding!

More PHP

With our extensive training, you will get a great boost of your future PHP development career!
New mentors

New mentors

Senior Developers, Team Leads, and even Heads of Departments will teach you a few coding tricks!

Step 1: Application

It is our first time interacting with each other! Tell us a little about yourself: where do you study? What do you already know about PHP? Perhaps you have already done some coding? Tell us everything so that we can determine whether our SapientAcademy 2.0 is the right fit for you!


Step 2: Interview

Now it’s time to discover your soft skills! What if you are our next tech lead or architect? ? 

During the interview, you will also learn more about our company, meet our developers, and see our office. For this step, prepare some questions: we want you to make the decision to enroll without hesitation.


Step 3: Test Task

We want you to have a foundation that we can build strong knowledge upon – and so to test your existing knowledge of PHP, our head of back-end department will come up with test tasks. This test task will become your ticket for SapientAcademy 2.0! And for you to be fully prepared for all nuances of the test task, we have created a list of questions that would be good for you to recall.


Step 4: Learning

Now that you’ve overcome all the challenges, all you need is to study and practice your new skills! We’ll hire students who demonstrate the best results! So, it’s worth putting in some extra effort!

Let's hop on the SapientAcademy rocket together!

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