Internship at SapientPro

Congratulations on getting the chance to study at SapientPro! Your learning way is wide open for lots of coding, creative work, exciting encounters, and new knowledge - all of it on our free internship!

What is the process?

We welcome you to our supportive team, where mentors will guide and assist you throughout your learning journey. Initially, we will teach you the basics, and then when you're ready, we will move onto more complex technologies. Next, we will introduce you to one of our projects and let you put your knowledge into practice by assigning tasks based on your skill level. No need to worry: you won't have to code a new Amazon from scratch. Access to mentors, comfortable working space, technical equipment, coffee-and-cookies, and fun activities in our lounge room - that’s on us. Your zone of responsibility is taking learning seriously and completing mentors' assignments. So, are you in?



JavaScript is the first step to success in the IT industry. The importance of skilled and professional front-end developers for a project is hard to underestimate!
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Considering a career in back-end development? No wonder: PHP has many powerful frameworks and best practices to choose from!
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So, it’s a back-end tech based on JS… Looks like someone aspires to become a Full-Stack dev! Psst, we can help you with that :)
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Step 1: Application

It is our first time interacting with each other! Tell us a little about yourself: where do you study? What technologies and programming languages do you find interesting and why? Which of these career paths do you dream of achieving: become a tech lead or an architect? Perhaps you have an excellent level of English? We can determine how we can help you once we get to know each other!


Step 2: Interview

Now it’s time to discover your soft skills! What if you are our next tech lead or architect? 🙂

During the interview, you will also learn more about our company, meet our developers, and see our office. For this step, prepare some questions: we want you to make the decision to enroll without hesitation.


Step 3: Learning

We now are ready to give you answers! If you did not pass – don’t be sad: we’ll share our feedback and perhaps you will prepare for the next academy round! If you did pass, congratulations! Now that you’ve overcome all the challenges, all you need is to study and practice your new skills! We’ll hire students who demonstrate the best results! So, it’s worth putting in some extra effort!

Let's hop on the SapientAcademy rocket together, shall we?

Get started on your development journey by enrolling in our course!

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