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Case inside the case. Piktochart Business Proposal Guide


Piktochart is a team of passionate and open-minded developers, designers, and marketers, who do care of their users. These qualities completely reflect on their work. They are bright and they can help people make any information, even the most boring, brighter. In terms of our collaboration, SapientPro was there to provide top-level engineers and highly skilled UI/UX designers.

How it began?

Piktochart is very experienced in creating winning business proposals. They don’t only offer you ready-designed and easily customizable templates, which make your proposals look professional but provide a glimpse into the formula of proposal that really works.

In order to gain expertise in how to write great business proposals, Piktochart conducted a profound research, gathered a lot of data and expert opinions. The next thing they had to do was to present the most important information to their clients in the form of a guide. Therefore Piktochart came to SapientPro with all they had in order to make the landing page not only informative but also readable and captivating.

Our team dived into all the details of the case. Just reading the results of their survey wasn’t enough, so we studied the Piktochart’s business case. Only after we grasped the idea what the landing page should look like and what purpose it should serve, we moved on to the data analysis.

Having read through a lot of data, we understood that putting together any information to make it readable for the client is a real art. Then we were ready with the ideas to create the needed landing page.


in the case

As we were studying the Piktochart’s case, we realized that the best way to make the landing page useful and captivating is to make a guide, which would be an example of a great business proposal itself.


with storytelling effect

To make a lot of data readable and highlight the most significant points, we segmented the information using animated charts, visual accents, various animations and support illustrations.


behind the project

As long as a great deal of animations were used for visualizing data, following technologies were implemented: Owl carousel, Animate CSS, Tilt and Scroll reveal. For more complicated animations our front-end developers created own solutions based on vanilla JavaScript.


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