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M. Water Co.

Custom CRM for a Call Center, 2017

What is the most valuable reward a person can have from his or her work? There are many possible answers to this question but for SapientPro professionals there is only one. We are pleased when our clients are satisfied with the fruit of our efforts. We feel fascinated when our endeavours are not wasted, so we know that we have done something useful and desired. In this article, we are going to tell you about our collaboration with a company from Thailand and the way we solved their problem.

How it all began

M.Water Co., Ltd. is a water delivery service, which provides 15-liter water bottles to organizations, factories, and normal households on a weekly basis. The company has become one of the Thai major and most successful producers of bottled drinking water. Their current production capacity is 100 million liters of clean water per year.

M.Water Co., Ltd. uses modern computer systems and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the best quality of their services. Thanawat Laohadtanaphorn, a project manager of the company, asked us to replace the old CRM for their call center.

Before that, they explored in detail the open-source CRMs that were on the market and decided that EspoCRM was the most flexible solution that could meet their needs.

They addressed us with a detailed technical task and screenshots. It was one of the best technical tasks with which we had to work. Everything was quite detailed, with examples and all possible cases.

Our primary objective was to import data from SAP to EspoCRM. This was necessary in order to make Proof Of Concept and understand whether EspoCRM was capable of working with such large-scale data containing dozens of millions of lines.

Import and testing were successful. We divided our tasks in clear sprints according to the priorities and started working.



The call center works with customer profiles and accepts water delivery orders. All tasks are assigned to the team. A free employee from the team takes the task and updates the task status after it is completed. On the basis of these metrics, reports of the success of the teams and individual employees are generated. On the basis of the orders, the logistics of delivery is generated.


Behind the project

Back-end of EspoCRM is built on Slim Framework, Doctrine. Front-end is built on Backbone.js, Bootstrap. EspoCRM uses MySQL database.

Technical issues

On the road

Customizing CRM, we were focusing on the fact that the entire functionality had to scale to a large array of data. On the stage server, we conducted tests of a new functionality with large amounts of data, so that we could make sure it was scalable.


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