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Event Management, 2018

We always feel enthusiastic and inspired when working on something innovative. This time we channeled our efforts into implementing technology in the educational sector. Developing projects for schools and universities is a great experience and here we will share with you how we have invested our skills and creativity into Klokhet startup and why such projects deserve attention.


Dutch startup Klokhet is created for the fast, convenient and techy recording of students’ attendance. It serves a very useful purpose and implements modern technology in schools and universities. Klokhet does it as a mobile app that uses a QR code scanner to check in the students who come to the class.

The idea of Klokhet was first discussed with Sander Cramer in Amsterdam in November 2018. We were provided with a general overview and technical task. Back then to Chernivtsi, our team worked out the roadmap for the future project. It all took us five months to complete the app and push it live. Now it is being tested by Dutch schools.

The development team working on the project is small but dedicated and the cooperation within the developers is great. All the issues were solved together by means of brainstorming, sharing, learning.



The school is registered on a website and gets access to its cabinet. There, the admin can manage the records of teachers, students, groups, relate them, create lessons’ schedules, generate reports. Teachers receive their personal accounts and may log in to the teacher’s app available on iOS and Android.


behind the project

SapientPro made it all from scratch – from creating the database structure up to data storage. The validation is also customized taking into account time and geodata. We developed the integrated system with backend, web and mobile applications. The back-end part of the web app was written using PHP framework Symphony, as well as for generating personal students’ QR codes.

Technical issues

on the road

An interesting aspect of the project became time zone conversion. All the calculations were conducted on the server. The server is in the UTC time zone whereas the school may be in, for example, UTC+1 or +2. We needed to convert the server’s time zone into the school’s and vice versa. Especially it concerns such countries where there are more than one time zones.


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