Main Factors That Affect The Cost Of The Software Development

10 Sep 2019
Oksana, copywriter
As software development is a many-stage process, every its element contributes to what you have to pay for an application.
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Before starting something new, people usually ask: “How much will it cost me to do this?” If you expect to hear the exact sum once you come to the software development company, here is something you need to know. The factors to be considered for the cost estimation are numerous and most of them depend on how you want your website or app to look like.

As software development is a many-stage process, every its element contributes to what you have to pay for an application. Let’s have a closer look at three most important factors that affect the client’s budget.


The first thing that should be done in estimating the price is clarifying the complexity of your application The numbers will vary greatly according to the scope of work. It matters whether you want to create a simple website for your business or cross-platform app for GPS tracking of public transport. And again, every little detail plays a great role. In case you want to provide your user with bigger amount of functions – be ready to pay more.

There is a long set of questions you need to answer when estimating the scope, like:

– Do you want an Android or iOS app? Or maybe you only need a web application?
– Do you have any preferences for front-end and back-end frameworks?
– How will the product look and function?
– How will users be interacting with it?
– What are the views on authentication and signing up?
– Do you need SEO optimization of your Website?

Sure, when you have an idea of your application, you already have some vision on its design. And its complexity also affects the final price. Design is not limited to nice-looking interface (UI design), the convenience in its usage is also essential (UX design): the number of buttons, animations, various elements that the users can click and interact with.
The other thing you need to decide is whether you want your website to contain several pages that have different modules and different structure. In this case, it will take longer for the designer to create exclusive design for each page and for the developers to implement.

Developers’ team experience

Do you want to cooperate with the developers and designers who have expertise? It makes sense: the more technical knowledge and experience they have – the faster your project will be delivered to you. But be prepared – skilled specialists charge more.

Due to their knowledge, skills and working experience, software developers are divided into three groups. Those that have just started their work in the IT sphere are 

Junior Developers (0-1 year of experience) . It usually takes them more time to finish the task, and they still need some advice and support from their colleagues. But continuous work grants the developers with more skills. 

Middle Developers (1-3+ years of experience) can deal with complex technical issues in a shorter time. 

Senior Developers (5+ years of experience). They can provide various solutions for project as they are proficient in different programming languages and technologies. They usually know how to avoid some problems or can easily fix them.

Another hiring options include whether you want to cooperate face-to-face, or Skype calls will be enough for you to maintain efficient communication with the team.

Depending on your preferences you may choose freelance designers and developers. Numerous platforms nowadays like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr allow you to do this. This choice can save your money but doesn’t guarantee high quality or on-time delivery.

If you want to see the people who will work on your website everyday in your office, choose the cooperation with in-house software developers. And in this case remember to spend more time and additional costs for the software and hardware, taxes, and salaries. Pros are: easy communication, side by side working. Cons: higher budget.

There is still one more solution – outsourcing. Its benefits include affordable prices and a cooperative team of developers who are used to working together. You can use platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms to choose the software development outsourcing company to your taste. Pros: lower budget, experienced developers from everywhere. Cons: quality if you choose the wrong country and team and communication if not experienced remote team.

But bear in mind that the rates vary also depending on the region. For instance, the USA and Australia are considered to have the most expensive development costs, while Ukrainian developers charge less staying at the same quality level.

Client’s demands

This includes how fast you want your project to be ready, how many edits you decide to make in the middle of the project and how smooth your communication with the team will go.

Developers and designers can charge more money if the customer demand very harsh deadlines. The clients who want their projects to be completed fast and do not take care of quality assurance run into problems after some time. Besides once your product gets successful, it will be hard to scale if you didn’t invest into good architecture, code quality and planning.

Of course, some issues and changes will occur in the process of the project development. But if you decide to change something after each sprint,  it will turn out to be more time- and money-consuming. Try to think of the detailed workflow chart beforehand. It will be useful for you to visualize your idea and see immediately if something doesn’t look the way you planned.

Time is money, and as a client you need to know that giving a clear and well-timed feedback can save you both. The developers are interested in your opinion on what they have done. It’s you, who give them the green light to move on to the next sprint and perform more tasks.

Still not sure whether you can afford the project? – Contact us and we will help to implement your idea in life, estimate its development, and provide you with solution how to reduce expenses. 

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Oksana, copywriter
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