Supporting Ukraine during the war as of 2023

How our team supports Ukraine as of 2023.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ignited the largest war in Europe since WW2, displacing millions of civilians and destroying entire cities. SapientPro has been doing everything possible to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and refugees to defeat the invaders.

The Importance of Supporting Ukraine From Other Countries

Ukrainians will never forget the morning of February 24. Some of us woke up to the sound of sirens, others to the sound of bombs, and many to the news of a full-scale Russian war reported from the TVs and phone calls.    As a matter of fact, Russia’s war...

SapientPro: Accomplishments from 2021 and Aspirations for 2022

2021 was a year full of achievements for our company. We applied some administrative changes, made a greater focus on skill development and talent education, started using new tech, completed four rounds of vaccinations, and more. This post includes a complete summary of 2021 and our plans for 2022.

How to build a successful development team? (Part 2)

You have already got acquainted with the aspects of first and foremost importance related to forming a successful development team. Let’s proceed with our journey and dwell upon the matter of adequate maintenance of the enhancement team on a certain level. Which characteristics and skills should remain firm with the...

How to build a successful development team? (Part 1)

Does a successful team equal to a successful project? Practically everyone who once was involved with project making and contributing to the software development field wants to know the answer to this question. No matter what the right answer is, the art of building a strong and powerful team is...

Communication in the software development workplace

IT office jungles are filled with computer forests, cable lianas, and rivers of coffee. The temperature varies between 24 and 27, depending on who keeps the conditioner remote control. The sunlight mainly comes from computer screens and lightbulbs. Developers are working like bees: they take the pollen of code and...

Our first experience at SapientPro. The Founders (Part 2)

SapientPro is a place where there are no bosses and a strict hierarchy. However, it all began somehow, right? We call them "the Founders" because they initiated the creation of the company. Their first days in the company, are the first days of the company.

Our first experience at SapientPro (Part 1)

Three years of effort. 1095 days of intensive coding.  26280 hours of building SapientPro. Soon, it’s our birthday - on the 15th of March (and we love chocolate cake, but if you bring pizza - that’ll do as well!). So, we recall how it all began for us: all screw-ups...

8 Most Frequent Questions to SapientPro ReactJS Developers

We answer 8 most frequent questions about React. React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for interactive User Interface. According to StackOverflow 2018 surveys, it is the 3rd popular front-end framework.  The main functions are JSX, Virtual DOM, Components.

How to build a successful development team in 2020

Great team drives your business forward. Bad team drives you crazy. If you want to build a good one, you need to take care of your budget, time and adaptiveness so that no unexpected problems emerged. One by one, you`ll find people who are perfect for your specific project. Two...

New Year’s celebration: Code sapiently, party like a pro.

Each year there is a special day when SapientPro IT guys close their laptops. They stop sending the “Android vs iPhone” memes to the chat. Their wives hide their computer mice and chargers.  SapientPro`s New Year party has come. It's time to let some steam off.

Attending the biggest professional Javascript conference in Ukraine, JS Fest 2019

We strongly appreciate and encourage our developers’ wish to broaden their knowledge. A team of SapientPro front-end engineers has recently returned from the international conference covering diverse aspects of JavaScript development.

On That Side of the Screen

If you imagine the office of the IT company as a dim place, where there are programmers in headphones absorbed in their monitors and incessantly tapping on the keyboards, you may be right. But it’s not what’s going on behind SapientPro’s glass door. What’s there then?

Adopting The Dutch Experience

Great news! COO Serge Molodyk and CTO Max Tatarchenko, back to back with our local Business Developer Alex Shopski, did some good business. They brought us positive vibes from their trip to the Netherlands.

Footshop guests in our office

This week was great! Guys from Footshop came to our office in Chernivtsi. Such trips boost work efficiency significantly. We discussed a lot of technical issues, had presentations, went for city walks and had fun in the evenings. We had a lovely conversation with Tomáš Mitana, the product owner, and...

SteelTrace in Chernivtsi

Last week we were happy to welcome Tom Meulendijks and Yanick Dols – our partners from the Dutch startup SteelTrace. It was a great mix of fruitful work, amusing chats and fun. We were engaged in interesting discussions, conducted meetings with team members, and brainstormed for creative ideas. Our guests...

How we keep high quality standards at SapientPro

When it comes to money, we all want to have the best quality at the most affordable price. However, it is common knowledge that the better the quality, the higher the stakes. If being penny wise and pound foolish is not your case, read this article and find out about...

Footshop visiting us in Chernivtsi

Hi guys, last week was a fantastic week. We had Footshop CTO/COO Peter Topor visiting us in Chernivtsi. To be honest, it was one of the best times we have had since we have been working in IT, combining fun with work, exciting discussions, overall ideas about technologies, and ways...

We met PriceBlocks in Kiev

We had a very nice week. We met part of our USA customer team from PriceBlocks in Kiev. A lot of brainstorming, interesting discussions and insights into the project. Big plans and a lot of work is ahead. We are very proud to work alongside with OpticaSports and looking forward...

The Next Web (TNW Conference)

SapientPro will be participating on May 24 & 25 at Europe’s leading tech festival – The Next Web (TNW Conference). Get in touch with our BizDev Aleksandar Shopski to discuss how we can increase the bandwidth of your development team or set up your own. We’re looking forward to see...